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Re: E-M:/ Romulus deepwells hearing

Enviro-Mich message from "Julie Griess" <jgriess@provide.net>

I personally have not written to support these threats. My main concern is
that the DEQ's actions are a threat to the people of Romulus. I've been
thinking about it since Wednesday, and I have concluded that this is not
just a matter of a decision within the process allowed by the state. I
believe that the DEQ is out of control and acting illegally. They made false
statements about the evidence that was presented to the Site Review Board in
order to override its decision. The citizens noticed these lies, and were

I have been to quite a  lot of DEQ hearings, and I have never seen the
corporation fail to get what it wants. Sometimes an additional condition is
placed on a permit, but everyone knows the DEQ has no intention of enforcing
it, just like they don't enforce their existing regulations. They must think
that the citizens are really stupid not to know this (just like the head of
EDS who said that the deepwell opponents are just housewives who can't
understand the technology!)

I believe the threats are a result of other people also viewing the DEQ as
illegal;  thus they can't work within the process to protect themselves.
This is already a real tragedy. I also do not think highly of people who
earn their living working for an illegal organization - I think they have
some responsibility. DEQ employees may call themselves civil servants, but
they just have a job for pay like anyone else unless they show some
commitment to the citizens. They should at least be creating an uproar from
within, or else look for a more honest type of employment.

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> I guess you have never been in a position of having to
> present something that is unpopular in front of a
> large crowd that is there to harass and threaten you
> because they don't like your decision.  I have. I have
> been subjected to all kinds of name calling and
> threats from members of the "enlightened" public who
> thinks that they are the only ones who knows what
> should be done regardless of what the rules or law
> allow and that threats and violence are the means to
> their ends.
> It's very easy to throw stones, but those civil
> servants are still people with families who have some
> fear for their safety.  People I know personally had
> their tires slashed after an unpopular public hearing.
>  They weren't injured, but their tires could have
> blown out on the freeway at a high speed.  Would
> killing those civil servants have accomplished the
> desired outcome?  Look at all the mean rhetoric that
> has been floating around in this forum.  All it takes
> is one person who believes that violence is
> appropriate and there will be a real tragedy.
> I hope you continue to live in that protected fantasy
> land but don't criticize those who don't.

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