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E-M:/ Romulus and DEQ's overriding of citizen input

Enviro-Mich message from Timberland RC&D <timrcd@iserv.net>

While I understand the concerns people have expressed about metal detectors 
at public meetings, I think we need not to get sidetracked from the main 
issues, which I see as twofold: the actual substance of the Romulus matter, 
and the violation of an overwhelmingly important principle of democracy in 
DEQ's politically appointed director deciding to ignore the input of a 
group of taxpaying citizens charged with studying it.

As far as the technology involved in the deepwell injection, I would indeed 
like to know more. But beyond the fact that it sounds like a terrible idea, 
we have the 9 points against it determined by the citizen panel who 
actually does know a lot about it. It would seem prudent to pay attention 
to those.

However, I am even more appalled by the philosophy behind Harding's 
decision to ignore their findings. This act seems demonstrably and 
flagrantly illegal. I have been disturbed by the Engler administration's 
tendency to undermine and dismiss the part of the governmental process that 
stems from "of the people, by the people" in favor of "by the politically 
powerful few" ever since I learned about his treatment of the rules 
procedures in the Department of Corrections many years ago. I think many 
people (including myself) have substituted a resigned counting of the days 
until he's gone for the kind of legal action that has been necessary.

I am a fairly poor person (or perhaps I should say a comparatively poor 
person) but I would be willing to donate to a fund to be used in hiring an 
attorney to file suit about this latest abuse. Something needs to be done. 
We on Enviro-Mich who now know about these things need to be the ones to 
get it started.

Cynthia Price

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