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Michigan Announces Settlement With Detroit EdisonRegarding Conners Creek 
Power Plant

LANSING, Mich., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney General Jennifer M. Granholm 
and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Russell Harding 
announced today that a settlement has been reached with Detroit Edison for 
illegally restarting its coal-burning Conners Creek power plant located in 
downtown Detroit.  As a result of the litigation, Detroit Edison has 
converted the plant from coal to cleaner burning natural gas fuel at a cost 
of approximately $10 million.  Detroit Edison will also pay $450,000 in 
penalties and costs.  The settlement was approved by Federal District Court 
Judge John Feikens. 

The settlement concludes a three-year effort to force the utility to come 
into compliance with state and federal Clean Air Act laws.  In 1998, after 
about ten years of inactivity, Detroit Edison restarted its coal-burning 
Conners Creek power plant.  It did so without a permit and without installing 
any new pollution control equipment. 

Without the extensive pollution controls required under Clean Air Act laws, 
the burning of coal, common in old generation electric power plants pollutes 
the air with heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, and 
arsenic.  Coal combustion also sends into the air chemical pollutants such as 
nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and many other chemicals 
that contribute to near-surface ozone or smog.  All of these pollutants are 
substantially reduced or eliminated by the conversion to natural gas. 

Granholm said:  "This is a major victory in the battle to protect the air we 
breathe.  The settlement protects the residents and workers located in and 
around downtown Detroit and also reduces the pollutants contributed to areas 
beyond the immediate area." 

Granholm added:  "Our environment is enhanced, and Michigan will have an 
added source of much needed electricity for our economy.  I commend Detroit 
Edison for taking appropriate action and agreeing to this settlement." 

Harding said:  "The requirements under the Clean Air Act are complex.  It is 
critical that companies work closely with the DEQ to ensure that these 
standards are met." 

All Attorney General news releases may be found at www.ag.state.mi.us . 

SOURCE  Michigan Attorney General   

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