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Enviro-Mich message from Cynthia Price <timrcd@iserv.net>

Please be advised that the Enviro-Mich posting that I made recently about 
the Romulus situation was ENTIRELY my own opinion. Since I never send 
e-mail to myself I had forgotten that my employer's name appeared at the 
top. People who know me and have commented as well as some who have 
responded directly seemed to understand that, but I would just like to 
emphasize that Timberland RC&D has no opinion nor will ever have an opinion 
on such matters.

Also, thank you to Rane Curl for reminding me that it is more than just the 
technological aspects I need to get more information about. That doesn't 
really change the issue as far as I see it, but is very helpful in shaping 
a stance that can be upheld. I was especially interested to see that 
apparently the heart of the matter was not even considered by that panel. I 
understand that bureaucratically the EPA decision would hold sway, but it 
still raises a lot of questions for me. I would appreciate if if anyone 
with historical information about this would contact me; if you would be 
willing to talk by phone, please send me your number through e-mail and I 
can call you.

Cynthia Price

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