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E-M:/ Question re recent posting

Enviro-Mich message from "Maryann Whitman" <maryannwhitman2@hotmail.com>

Within the last month, or so, someone posted a news item regarding minks 
dying on a ranch in Michigan, having been fed dead cow mash (forgive me, I 
don't know what else to call it).  A day or two later I read in the Free 
Press an article saying that the minks might have died of bovine spongiform 
encephalitis.  In my most recent Nature I read of research on BSE.

Here are my questions:  Does anyone know if BSE the same thing as mad cow 
disease?  Does anyone have any further information on the dead minks?

And here is my $64,000 question:  Has mad cow disease been found in 
Michigan?  If this is in fact the case, why has more not been made of it?

Maryann Whitman
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