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E-M:/ SC Environmental Justice-Two new sites

Enviro-Mich message from Lydia H Fischer <lydfisch@mindspring.com>

>The Environmental Justice Committee and the Sierra Club National
>Environmental Justice Grassroots Organizing Program are pleased to announce
>the addition of two new sites to the Program for 2001.

(NOTE:  One of the four existing sites of the EJ Grassroots Organizing
Program is in Michigan, and anchored in the SEMG area.  Rhonda Anderson is
the SC Organizer working out of Detroit.)
>Central Appalachia:
>The Southern Appalachian Highlands Ecoregion Task Force (SAHE) will be
>working in partnership with rural, predominantly white low income
>communities throughout the central Appalachian coal region, which
>encompasses West Virginia and portions of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and
>Southwestern U.S.:
>The Plateau Group and the Arizona Chapter will be partnering with Native
>Americans throughout the Southwest on campaigns that focus on water quality
>issues facing their communities.
>These two projects, because they are predominantly rural in their character,
>complement the more urban-focused efforts of our other grassroots organizing
>projects, and, in addition, add to the diversity and differing cultures and
>communities with whom we seek to partner in developing a comprehensive
>program linking Sierra Club entities with communities facing environmental
>The themes and attributes that characterized these successful applications
>included a history or process by the Sierra Club entity of listening to the
>communities to understand their needs and how the Sierra Club can be of
>assistance; a recognition that the communities will lead in processes to
>identify their own environmental problems and approaches to solving them; a
>commitment by the Sierra Club entity to have the organizing leadership
>ultimately come from the communities; a commitment by the Sierra Club
>entities to supporting the communities in their struggles, not leading them
>in those struggles; demonstrated established relationships between Sierra
>Club and the partnering communities; full participation of the partnering
>communities in the development of the proposal and their campaigns; and a
>commitment by all parties to fully participate in the upcoming Environmental
>Justice In-Gathering scheduled for New Orleans, LA, in May, 2001.
>We are all very excited about the opportunity to build strong alliances with
>all of the communities included within the scope of these proposals.
>Celebrate with us!
>Kirstin Replogle, Chair, National EJ Committee
>Jim Price, Director, National EJ Grassroots Organizing
>           Program

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