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Manitou Arbor Ecovillage
An eco-spiritual, intentional community in the process of forming.
*Would you like to be a part of a community of people committed to
caring for people and the Earth?
*Would you like to live in harmony with the natural environment in a
sustainable way?
*Would you like to live close to a city?
Come explore these possibilities with us!  We are currently seeking
people who are excited by our vision and who would like to help make
that vision a reality.
We are considering developing about 30 sustainable housing units on 270
acres in Comstock, Mi.  We have access to over 100 acres of woods, a
lake, and fields.  There are also farm buildings currently on the site.
All housing units will utilize sustainable technologies.
You can learn more about our Mission, Vision and Values by visiting our
web site:
VISION:  A community which learns, works at and teaches the skills and
technologies of a viable village culture appropriate to our historical
moment and bioregional context.  It is to be ecumenical,
multi-generational and culturally diverse.
We wish to be involved in agriculture, both farming and gardening.  We
envision other cottage industries and a local, alternative economic
We seek to balance individual and family needs for privacy with a
recognition of our interconnectedness with all that is.
We will be governed by a shared democracy and we desire to engage in
some form of social justice outreach.
Interested? contact us at manarbev@lueckdatasystems.com or Box 113,
Nazareth, MI  49074-0113