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Re: E-M:/ Cow Poop Flowing on Road in Kazoo Cty

Actually, the Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices (GAAMPs), states as follows:
11.  Application of manure to frozen or snow-covered soils should be avoided, BUT WHERE NECESSARY, (A) SOLID MANURE SHOULD ONLY BE APPLIED TO AREAS WHERE SLOPES ARE SIX (6) PERCENT OR LESS AND (B) LIQUID MANURES SHOULD ONLY BE APPLIED TO SOILS WHERE SLOPES ARE THREE (3) PERCENT OR LESS.  In either situation, provisions must be made to control runoff and erosion with soild and water conservation practices such as vegetative buffer strips between surface waters and soils where manure is applied."
In short, winter manure spreading CAN BE PERFORMED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE GAAMPs, provided it is done on relatively flat fields, and other conservation practices are followed.   Over reaction and misinformation regarding GAAMP protocols is what lead to the recent passage of amendments to Michigan's Right to Farm Act.  Under the amendments, false accusations of GAAMP violations can result in sanctions against the compainant (reimbursement of cost of investigation).  If you are going to make a complaint, make sure you have your GAAMPs straight.
In the Kalamazoo case, I understand that manure may have been spread on fields with slopes greater than three percent.  Conclusion?  When followed, the voluntary GAAMPs work.  When violated, the risk of improper discharges increases dramatically
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Yes, Michigan's voluntary management practices for concentrated livestock
operations must be working -- after all, the 6 inches thick flow of cow
manure that flowed off the snow covered field in Kalamazoo county and
actually into neighboring Calhoun county yesterday mainly covered a road
instead of flowing directly into waters of the United States. See the
Kazoo Gazette story at:


The story however misses some key points. We understand that the operator
whose waste was spread on this field has been told by DEQ staff NOT to
spread more manure on this field at this time, but reportedly the spreading
occurred over an extended period of time none the less by a contractor for
this facility. According to the voluntary GAAMPS, operators are the avoid
spreading manure on snow or frozen ground, but that seems not to have
stopped this operation.

In fact, there seems to be a lot of spreading of manure on snow right now
-- if anyone sees similar situations to this, please do the following:
take a photograph, with a record of your location, the date and time you
were taking the shot and submit a complaint to the MDEQ and MDA offices in
your area. Please let me know as well. With the thaw at the beginning of
the week we know the potential for significant water pollution from these
kinds of facilities state wide went up astronomically, but they are
supposed to be designed to assure that such predictable conditions will not
cause contamination.

Anne Woiwode
Sierra Club

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