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Fundamentals of Permaculture

Fundamentals of Permaculture June 15-23, 2001

Covers- permaculture ethics and principles, ecosystems, patterns,
forests, soil, water, microclimate, animal , plants, waste treatment,
mapping, permaculture for cities and villages, design principles.
Provides 44 hours of preparation for the Permaculture Design

The site is located in Comstock, Michigan, near Kalamazoo.  It is over
270 acres of woods, fields, and marsh.  Located on a former dairy farm
with 8 existing buildings, it is currently being explored as the
possible location for an eco-spiritual community called Manitou Arbor
*Instructor: Peter Bane, editor of The Permaculture Activist and
*Option available for commuters as well as residential students
*To learn more about the site and the plans for the ecovillage visit:

commuter- includes tuition and snacks for 8 days = $300
residential- option 1-semi-private room, tuition, snacks = $540
                 option 2-private room (if available), tuition and
snacks = $580

Residential students will be housed at Nazareth Center, the central
house of the Sister of St. Joseph of Nazareth, Mi., the current owners
of the site to be studied.  It will be necessary to commute about 10
minutes to the Comstock location.  It is anticipated that participants
will be able to share rides to the site.  Contributions to defray has
expenses for drives would be appropriate.

Early registration is encouraged.  Course enrollment must be finalized
by May 1st.  Course subject to cancellation for insufficient enrollment
and residential accommodations are limited to 20.

For further information contact  Dr. Virginia Jones, SSA (616)344-9124
or through the web site email address.