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E-M:/ Cadillac Hearing SRO

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Here's a note from Joyce Petrakovitz <petroart@voyager.net>
about the hearing last night on burning
tire derived fuel in Cadillac without acid gas scrubbing....

I've included some URLs of some of the press coverage also...

What a night the hearing just ended 20 minutes ago went to 1 : 20am. It was
fabulous , 550 citizens (I think more) 540 against ,some city officals still
on the fence and a couple represented the plant. So many people wanted to
speak I had to wait ages to get my turn until someone asked if they would
let me speak now.Cheers rang out as I told Cadillac of the EPA letter, and
presented your volume. I tried to touch on  some of the issue we discussed
and told them they could call you for further discussion. Unfortunately I
missed a lot of the press at the beginning. I had one good interview that we
gave out a full copy of your findings to. Wide ranging testimony. It was
interesting how you, Isaac, Chris and EPA all saw the same issues with the
permit, but the DEQ didn't?
I never imagined it would go so well. Now we need to see what CRE will do.
They appear to be digging in for the long haul asking us to end this, they
say we are making a big deal over nothing ..
Appeals to EPA in the future I guess if they persist.
I am very grateful for your efforts in turning out such a n indepth
analysis.I gave a copy to the city council and told them DEQ are not the
only "experts" ( they put their trust in the DEQ experts)
Well, lots more to tell but I am exhausted. Thanks  and congratulations to
you as well.more later. Joyce-----



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