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E-M:/ Deer Lake in Alger County

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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:54:15 -0500
Subject: Deer Lake web address
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Please note the change in address for the Deer Lake web site.  The new
address is:


I made a posting to this discussion group March, 1999, introducing the web
site, and outlining our reasons for opposing the MDNR's proposal to
construct a boat launch on Deer Lake in Alger County.
We have been working since February, 1998 to stop them.  We have slowed them
down, but we received a "new" plan which the MDNR expects to implement
during the fall, 2001 (after the tourists have gone home so they won't be
aware of the devastation!).

Since we learned of the "new" plan I have been putting information on the
web site almost daily.

Please visit the site and learn how you can help us stop the boat launch
construction.  We really need your help.

And, even if you're not interested in the Deer Lake dilemma, you can learn
more about snow fleas than you ever thought you wanted to.  (Hint: Click on

Thank you,
Don Snitgen
Shelter Bay

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