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E-M:/ Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority May Reject Composting for Incineration of Sewer Sludge


The Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority treats a large quantity of the sewer water in southeast Michigan.  After the sewer treatment process, there is an amount of  "sludge" or biosolids, which need to be disposed of.  Currently, YCUA has been burning the sludge, causing a large environmental impact on the local area.

Several years ago, YCUA spent $2 million dollars on a pilot study to determine whether composting was an environmently and economical way to dispose of sewer sludge. A report was generated and presentation given showing that composting was a viable solution. The YCUA board (3 Ypsilanti
Township people and 2 Ypsilanti City people) voted (3 to 2) to suddenly spent another $500,000 for another study. The results from this study will be presented this Tuesday (Feb 27) at 3:00 p.m. at the YCUA offices and will show that incineration is the best solution.  Concerned residents fear that a vote will be taken on Tuesday without public input.   DO WE REALLY WANT TO BURN OUR SEWER SLUDGE in our local community when we have a viable composting solution?? It is hard to imagine the community really wants incineration as a solution.

Please consider attending the meeting at the YCUA offices, located at 2777 State Road
Ypsilanti, Michigan  48198, to demand a public hearing on this issue.  Again, the meeting is on Tuesday, February 27th at 3:00 pm.  For directions, call 734-544-7129, or go to the YCUA web page at www.ycua.org.

If you are concerned, but can't attend, please consider calling the YCUA board members on Monday to ask them to hold a public hearing on this issue, before taking a vote.  Ypsilanti township residents are particularly encouraged to call, as the Ypsilanti Township trusties voted for the second study, and may be disposed to continue the incineration solution.

For more information, contact interested citizen Dave Strenski at 313-317-4438 work; 734-480-1587 home.

Submitted by Judy Shazer, Huron Valley Group Sierra Club