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Enviro-Mich message from Billy Stern <billysun@chorus.net>

Read carefully between the line!!!!  This comes from the Wildlife 
Legislative Fund of America.  Their basic agenda is hunting (above 
all else).

February 26, 2001                                     MUCC Contact: Kevin
Winters, Corporate Counsel
				      Ruffed Grouse Society: Adam Bump,
				          Wildlife Biologist, 517/729-9378
				      WCFA: Doug Jeanneret, Director of
Communications, 614/888-4868


	LANSING - Three of the country's leading conservation organizations
have joined forces to fight a lawsuit the results of which could have
disastrous effects on wildlife management programs and their funding in
Michigan and across the country.

The Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC), the Ruffed Grouse Society and
the Wildlife Conservation Fund of America (WCFA) became involved in a
lawsuit in late January in support of the Michigan Department of Natural
Resources (MDNR) and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).
The action is in response to a suit filed in early October against the MDNR
and USFWS by the Sierra Club.  If successful, the suit could halt wildlife
habitat management practices on state lands in Michigan.

Commercial timber sales are regularly used to provide dense, young forest
habitats required by ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer, and many non-game
wildlife species.  The Sierra Club alleges using forest management practices
to create these habitats is destructive.  The suit further contends the
Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Fish and Wildlife Service have
violated federal law by using monies collected from sportsmen through excise
taxes on firearms and ammunition to fund these habitat management projects.

MUCC Executive Director James Goodheart explains, "The Sierra Club's lawsuit
is a deliberate attempt to stall the pace of wildlife management.  Wildlife
within our forestlands have been successfully managed for decades first by
the Department of Conservation and then by the DNR.  We do not need to
federalize management of our natural resources."

"We are concerned that this lawsuit may impede the development of critically
important wildlife habitats on state lands in Michigan," stated Adam Bump,
Regional Wildlife Biologist for the Ruffed Grouse Society in Michigan.  "By
proactively managing our state forests, we can ensure the proper balance
between young and old forests, and provide habitats for all forest

The WCFA echoed these sentiments.

"The idea that wildlife management would suffer by denying the use of
sportsmen's dollars is unconscionable," said Rick Story, WCFA vice
president.  "WCFA and its partners will continue to fight to ensure that
every dollar made available from sportsmen is used to the benefit of
wildlife and the management programs that support it."

	The Ruffed Grouse Society and MUCC represent over 120,000 sportsmen
and sportswomen.  They join forces with the Wildlife Legislative Fund of
America's 1.5 million aggregate members represented through its legal
branch, the Wildlife Conservation Fund of America.

The Ruffed Grouse Society is an international wildlife conservation
organization dedicated to improving the environment for ruffed grouse,
woodcock, and other forest wildlife.  For more information on the Ruffed
Grouse Society, visit www.ruffedgrousesociety.org or call 1(888)-564-6747.

MUCC is the largest statewide conservation organization in the nation.  Its
mission is uniting citizens to conserve Michigan's natural resources and
protect our outdoor heritage.  For more information on MUCC, visit
www.mucc.org or call 517/371-1041.

The WCFA protects and defends America's wildlife conservation programs and
the pursuits that finance these efforts -- hunting, fishing and trapping -
through public education programs, legal defense and research.  Its
companion organization, the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America, provides
legislative lobbying and grassroots coalition support to defend and advance
hunting, fishing and trapping.  For more information on WCFA or WLFA, visit
www.wlfa.org or call (614) 888-4868.

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