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Alex Sagady,

Greetings from the marketing department at Wayne State University Press. It
has been suggested that we contact you regarding posting information to the
enviro-mich list serv. Wayne State University Press has published a book
which we feel would be ideal for your users. I am both attaching and
including in the body of this text information on our title _Great Lakes
Journey: A New Look at America's Freshwater Coast_ by William Ashworth.

If you feel this would be appropriate information to bring to your list
serv membership, we would appreciate you doing so. Thank you for your


Praise for Great Lakes Journey:

"Describing all the changes he has seen in the environment and the area's
increasing urbanization in the past 15 years, Ashworth relates the numerous
conversations he had with locals and illustrates his study with
black-and-white photographs. Also included is a 200-source bibliography.
Recommended for all libraries in the Great Lakes states and for large
public and academic libraries in the rest of the country."-Library Journal

"I found [William Ashworth's] writing style very engaging as he led me on a
grand tour of the Lakes. His narrative of the sites he visited, blended
with insightful interviews along the way, presents an accurate account of
the region-at times disturbing and at other times uplifting."-Charles E.
Herdendorf, Ohio State University


An Environmental Travelogue That Documents The Changes In The Great Lakes
Since The Publication of The Late, Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Journey: A New Look At America's Freshwater Coast, by William
Ashworth (Wayne State University Press; pub. date: October 10, 2000; 384
pages, 25 illustrations, $29.95 cloth) is a follow-up to William Ashworth's
earlier book The Late, Great Lakes, published in 1986. Fifteen years after
his first trip, Ashworth journeys to many of the same places and talks to
many of the same people to examine the changes that have taken place along
the Great Lakes since the 1980s. Great Lakes Journey is a poetic account of
his 6,000-mile trip, mixed with explanations of the scientific and
political realities behind the observed changes, reminiscences of his 1983
trip, and conversations with local residents-some of them scientists, and
others simply people who care.
         Through personal observation, research, and numerous interviews
with scientists, activists, and government agencies, Ashworth creates a
detailed picture of the status of the Great Lakes at the end of the
twentieth-century. Among the most prominent changes he finds are the
arrival of the zebra mussel and other exotic species, the rise and fall of
the RAP process for pollution cleanup, a growing public mistrust of
government action, a substantial loss of habitat and biodiversity, and an
explosion of urban sprawl along the shores of the Lakes.
         Great Lakes Journey is a welcome update on the latest issues
affecting the Great Lakes region and the direction future attempts to
preserve the natural resources of the region might take. Scholars and
students of environmental studies and ecology and readers interested in the
health of the Great Lakes will take an interest in this fresh look at one
of America's endangered regions.

William Ashworth is a reference librarian in Ashland, Oregon. He is the
author of several books, including The Late, Great Lakes: An Environmental
History (Wayne State University Press, 1987), The Encyclopedia of
Environmental Studies (Facts on File, 1991), Bears: Their Life and Behavior
(Crown, 1992), Penguins, Puffins and Auks: Their Life and Behavior (Crown,
1993), The Economy of Nature (Houghton Mifflin, 1995), The Wallowas: Coming
of Age in the Wilderness, Twentieth Anniversary Edition (Oregon State
University Press, 1999), and the award-winning essay collection The Left
Hand of Eden: Meditations on Nature and Human Nature (Oregon State
University Press, 1999).

Praise for The Late, Great Lakes:
"Ashworth's well-written account will both enlighten and sadden you."-New
York Times

"A blend of contemporary newswriting, scholarly research, and personal
observation that cunningly injects daunting quantities of information into
an inviting prose style."-The Los Angeles Times

"Ashworth's message is clear and worthy. The Great Lakes are in terrible
danger, and the greatest single source of that danger is not just mining or
erosion or toxic rainfall but the lakes' 'ancient enemy,' complacency and
apathy."-The Washington Post

Available at local bookstores.
To order, please call 1-800-WSU-READ (978-7323)
Visit our Web site at http://wsupress.wayne.edu

Ashworth Press Release
Renee Tambeau
Assistant Marketing Manager

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