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E-M:/ The Dissertation Express: A Little Used Research Resource for Michigan Environmentalists

Enviro-Mich message from joonmck <joonmck@gateway.net>

Dear EMers,

If the academics won't come to us, then we'll just have to knock on
their door. One gem of a research find is the Dissertation Express which
catalogues recent academic tomes on just about everything.

While their search engine lacks a "subjects" engine, you can go to their
"title's search" and type in keywords there. If a term like "Great
Lakes" is in the title, you're in business. And you are! When you type
"great lakes" in the "title" space, you get 40 hits (the maximum number
the website provides on a given query). 

Here are a few:
Conservation of the Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) in the Great
Lakes region: A landscape-ecosystem approach. Wemmer, Lauren Christine,
PhD. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 2000. 155 pp. Advisor: Cuthbert, Francesca

The political economy of the Great Lakes. Stafford, Catherine Mary, PhD.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY, 2000. 180 pp. Advisor: Rowley, Charles K.

Evaluation of non-response bias in a study of Great Lakes sport fish
consumption and conception failure. Tay, Eugene Michael, MS. MICHIGAN
STATE UNIVERSITY, 2000. 83 pp.

The effects of landscape context and coastline complexity on birds in
Great Lakes coastal wet meadows. Riffell, Samuel Keith, PhD. MICHIGAN
STATE UNIVERSITY, 2000. 132 pp. Advisor: Burton, Thomas

Type in "Michigan" and you get ditties like:

Green frogs in southwestern Michigan: Deformity survey and chemical
residues in water, sediment, and tissue. Duda, Carolyn Ann, MS. MICHIGAN
STATE UNIVERSITY, 2000. 139 pp.

Dam removal effects on fisheries resources, habitat, and summer diet of
trout in the Pine River, Manistee County, Michigan. Mistak, Jessica
Lynn, MS. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, 2000. 183 pp. Advisor: Hayes,
Daniel B.

Tallgrass prairie creation and evaluation, with particular interest in
species response and economic feasibility, at Rose Lake Wildlife
Research Area, Clinton County, Michigan. Hefty, Ruth Christina, MS.

Good Luck in your search!

In Solidarity,
Brian McKenna, Ph.D.
Environmentalist &

P.S. Remember that few people ever read dissertations (including the
student's dissertation committee!). But there-in are nuggets more
precious than a Petosky stone. . .there for the mining!

"If there are connections everywhere, why do we persist in turning
dynamic, interconnected phenomena into static, disconnected things?"
             -- Eric R. Wolf, Anthropologist (1923-1999)
"Insanity in individuals is rare, in nations, epochs
and eras it is the rule."
             -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Philosopher (1844 - 1900)

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