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E-M:/ Oregon DEQ Enacts Anti-Workplace Mobbing Policy!

Enviro-Mich message from joonmck <joonmck@gateway.net>

Dear EMers,

Wonderful news! I just received this E-Mail (that I cut and pasted
below) from Noa Davenport, one of the authors of WORKPLACE MOBBING. She
informed me that the Oregon DEQ has, as of just 3 weeks ago, enacted an
anti-mobbing policy. It all happened through the efforts of one "mobbed"
worker acting through her union to make it so.

This is very encouraging news for any of you going through this. Here's
the message (with contacts in case you want to get in touch with Noa or
the Oregon DEQ).



Dear Dr. McKenna,

Thank you for your message. . . . I am terribly sorry that [your
contacts] are going through what you identified as a mobbing.

How can I help? Please let me know.

For now I want to tell you a story:
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has, some three
ago, enacted an anti-mobbing policy that defines mobbing, prohibits it,
declares what steps will ensue for violations of the policy.  How did
come about?

Someone at DEQ felt/was mobbed and, through the literature, she realized
what happened to her.  Being a union steward, she decided to become
pro-active and work with her union, a local of AFSCME. It was that union
that brought the mobbing phenomenon to the attention of HR. Now, she
continues working at the DEQ, albeit with a changed assignment. And,
another important element of the story is that the local union and
management worked together to develop the now enacted anti-mobbing
If she can be of any help to you, she can be reached at

I do hope other agencies/organizations and individuals who are mobbed
encouraged by this story.

I am not a frequent e-mail reader/writer. It always takes a few days
I respond.

With my best wishes, and also many thanks for your appreciation of our
and for spreading the word about it.

Noa Davenport

P.S. Early on, we sent a copy of our book to Oprah. Before our book even
came out, she did a show on bully bosses.

Noa Davenport, Ph.D.
32629 Hwy 65
Collins, Iowa 50055, USA
Tel. 641/385-2216
e-mail: noadnz@iastate.edu

Me again......
> In Solidarity,
> Brian McKenna, Ph.D.
> Environmentalist,
> Anthropologist &
> Public Citizen
> "If there are connections everywhere, why do we persist in turning
> dynamic, interconnected phenomena into static, disconnected things?"
>             -- Eric R. Wolf, Anthropologist (1923-1999)
> "Insanity in individuals is rare, in nations, epochs
> and eras it is the rule."
>              -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Philosopher (1844 - 1900)

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