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E-M:/ alternative economic development expert coming soon

Enviro-Mich message from Rick Stahlhut <stahlhut@net-link.net>

Hello everyone,

>From March 13th-15th, Michael Shuman, an internationally known expert on
alternative, community-centered methods of economic development, will be
speaking in Michigan:  specifically, MSU, U of Michigan, and Kalamazoo. 
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Why is this important, even vital, for people concerned about the environment?

We need to create an alternative vision for economic development.  This
is because, almost regardless of the environmental issue, the answer from
our leaders is (almost) always the same:  we'd love to do it, but it
cost us jobs.  The only way to save our cities is to give away the
low taxes, free land, low wages, no inconvenient environmental
protection, etc etc.

We can't win without broadening or completely revamping this flawed
vision of how "economic development" is done -- and what "economic
development" even means. 

Shuman and others believe strategies exist which are superior to the
traditional approach, particularly in the long run, and especially when
other measures of city well-being are used besides merely the bottom line.

Shuman, an attorney, is co-director of the Institute for Economics and
Empowerment for the Village Foundation, based in Alexandria Virginia. 
He is the former director of the Institute for Policy Studies.  Shuman
has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, such as the
MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour and NPR's Talk of the Nation, and is a periodic
commentator on NPR's All Things Considered.   His 1998 book, _Going
Local:  creating self-reliant communities in a global age_, is an
important tool for communities which are struggling under the current
rules of the global economy.

Here's his schedule:

Tuesday, March 13

Kalamazoo.  He will be giving two talks that are free and open to the
public (donations appreciated).  For further information, contact Rick
Stahlhut at stahlhut@net-link.net or 616/373-4149.

  4:00 p.m., he will be speaking at Western Michigan University in the
Martin Luther King room of the Bernhard Center. The topic will be the
relationship between the local and global economies. 

  7:30 p.m. his main presentation—alternative models for local economic
development. This talk will be held at the YWCA, 353 E.  Michigan in
downtown Kalamazoo. Seating is limited--get there a bit early if you can.

Wednesday, March 14

Lunch at MSU - Lunch Seminar/Brown Bag / Dialogue, giving a brief
overview about Community Corporations followed by informal conversation.
 For further details on time and place, contact Leroy Harvey (harveyl3@msu.edu).

Evening Talk at U. Michigan - The Art & Architecture Building Auditorium
on "Amazing Shrinking Machines:  Why Self-Sufficient Cities Are the Wave
of the Future."  Time is 6:00 - 7:30.  For further details, contact
Scott Campbell [sdcamp@umich.edu].

Thursday, March 15

Afternoon Talk at MSU – University Committee for a Sustainable Campus
Lecture Series at 3pm, on "Community Friendly Business: An Affordable
Alternative to Globalization" in 107 S. Kedzie Hall.  For further
information, contact Terry Link at link@mail.lib.msu.edu 517/355-1751.

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