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FYI. Previous post to this list misplaced Shuman's
lunch discussion at MSU to Wed. 3/14.
The correct date (Thurs. 3/15) and details are

Phil Shepard

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========= Urban Options Sustainable Living Email List =========

The Bush Devolution: Threat or Opportunity?

Does the Bush era provide an opportunity for common ground between left and
right? Can we build new alliances?

Thursday, March 15th   Noon - 1:30pm  MSU International Center: Spartan Room

Please enter through the Cafeteria; Spartan Room C is on the left near the
windows; If you drive, park off East Shaw Lane or at the stadium.


For more information please  contact harveyl3@msu.edu

Co-sponsored by:  Michigan Partnership for Economic Development Assistance,
MSU Department of Resource Development, MSU Committee for a Sustainable

Also catch Mr. Shuman at 3PM for his talk on "Community Friendly Business:
An Affordable Alternative to Globalization" at 3PM, Thursday, 3/15 in 107 S.
Kedzie, MSU.  Contact link@msu.edu for more information.

About Michael Shuman:
Michael Shuman, an attorney, is co-director of the Institute for Economics
Education and Empowerment for the Village Foundation, based in Alexandria,
Virginia. His specialties include community economics, federalism,
North-South development cooperation, and international affairs. He is
recognized for pioneering work on municipal foreign policy and citizen
diplomacy, and is now one of the few progressive voices supporting the
devolution of federal power to state and local governments.

He has written Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global
Age [Free Press, 1998] and Toward A Global Village [Pluto, 1994]);
co-written two others (Citizen Diplomats: Pathfinders in Soviet- American
Relations [Continuum, 1986] and Security without War: A Post-Cold War
Foreign Policy [Westview, 1993]); and co-edited two anthologies (Conditions
of Peace: An Inquiry [Talman, 1992] and Technology for the Common Good [IPS,

He is currently working on two new books. One, Local Rights and Global
Wrongs: The Legality of Municipal Foreign Policy, is supported by a research
and writing fellowship from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur
Foundation. The other is on emerging common ground between left and right


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