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For anyone in the Traverse City area this Sunday and would like to learn more about globalization (in particular, the Free Trade Area of the Americas, FTAA), how the FTAA , WTO and NAFTA affect environmental as well as human rights, and what you can do locally, join us:
Corporate Agenda vs People's Agenda
A Globalization Workshop
Offered by the Mexico Solidarity Network and the Alliance for Responsible Trade
March 25, 2001

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Traverse City, Michigan

For more info, contact Holly, hwren@hotmail.com or Natasha, natashalapinski@hotmail.com

What is globalization? How does corporate-centered globalization impact the lives of ordinary people? What are the links between the alphabet soup of globalizing institutions (WTO, IMF, WB, NAFTA, FTAA, etc.) and the corporate agenda?

Demonstrations in November of 1999 in Seattle against the World Trade Organization made "globalization" a household word and inspired a generation to take to the streets in increasing numbers. Youth are taking the lead in the most significant challenge to corporate control of politics and the economy in a generation. The movement has excitement, energy and new modes of organizing. But the concept of corporate-centered globalization is poorly understood by most people. Mobilizations have been centered on highly visible international meetings, but many people return home wondering how to carry this struggle forward. And the public face of the movement has not reflected the racial and ethnic diversity that is America.

Beginning in January of 2001, the Mexico Solidarity Network offers a series of popular education workshops on corporate-centered globalization that will:
- Bring globalization home, helping participants to understand the impact of globalization in their own communities and linking to ongoing local struggles.
- Educate, helping participants to form coherent arguments against corporate-centered globalization and in favor of alternatives.
- Formulate, helping participants to develop effective strategies for broadening the movement and envisioning alternatives to corporate-centered globalization.
The workshops use the US-Mexico relationship as a laboratory that for decades has defined the process of globalization. Discussions of NAFTA and the maqiladora model bring home the affects of globalization. The Free Trade Area of the Americas ("NAFTA for the Americas") is highlighted as the next major step in corporate control. Workshops end with practical discussions around strategy and movement building. The workshops use various popular education techniques to help participants formulate their own arguments and strategies.

Goals of the workshop:

Understand the process of corporate-centered globalization, using the US-Mexico relation as the laboratory that defines this process.
b) Understand some of the international organizations that manage corporate-centered globalization: the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the North America Free Trade Accord.
c) Understand the newest member of the corporate globalization team - the Free Trade Area of the Americas.
d) Develop alternatives to corporate-centered globalization.
e) Develop the ability to debate corporate-centered globalization and defend alternative visions.
f) Develop grassroots strategies that open democratic spaces for civil society to struggle against corporate-centered globalization and to promote alternatives

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