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E-M:/ Bill Moyers Special on the Chemical Industry- March 26

Title: Bill Moyers Special on the Chemical Industry- March 26
The Detroit Metro Times has run a cover story on Trade Secrets - the Bill Moyers special on the chemical industry - which seems to be making a splash.  To see the story, http://www.metrotimes.com/ 

Also, Ann Arbor will be holding a viewing event on Monday night, March 26.
There is still time to organize informal viewing events in homes across Michigan.
A list of public television stations with Michigan viewership that will be airing the show is attached below.

Here's the announcement for our event: 
        Join the Ecology Center, Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje and Councilmember Chris Easthope for an open forum and a viewing of Trade Secrets, a 90 minute Bill Moyers special on PBS that will air on March 26.  The special will feature thousands of secret industry documents that reveal how the chemical industry has kept secret the hazards of chemicals we are all exposed to every day.
        We will start the evening with an open discussion of possible city-wide initiatives on pesticides, mercury and other chemical pollutants.  Please join us or watch from home* if you can't make it.  This event if FREE.

Where: Leopold Brothers, 523 South Main Street
When: Monday, March 26 - Open and informal discussion begins at 8 pm.  PBS airs Trade Secrets at 9 pm.

***Find Your Local PBS Station airing Trade Secrets in Michigan****

Detroit Public Television, Detroit, MI, WGVU TV 35 & TV 52

Grand Rapids, MI, WKAR/Channel 23, East Lansing, MI

University of Michigan Public Television Flint, MI

CMU Public Television Mt. Pleasant, MI

WDCQ/Channel 19, University Center, MI

WGTE/Channel 30, Toledo, OH

WTTW/Channel 11, Chicago, IL

WNIT Public Television, Elkhart, IN

WNMU-TV Public TV 13, Marquette, MI


WBGU/Channel 27 Bowling Green, OH

WFWA PBS-39, Fort Wayne, IN

WDSE/Channel 8, Duluth, MN

Milwaukee Public Television, Milwaukee, WI