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Re: E-M:/ Blue Mountain Statement on the Environment

Enviro-Mich message from "Steve Leuty" <SCLEUT@kalcounty.com>

The Blue Mountain Statement is beautiful. 

In addition to the Statement's "values are action," I would add "actions become values." As educated environmentalist, it's natural that we are motivated to turn our values into environmentally supporting actions, but many other people begin to understand and incorporate environmental values only after they are directed by other factors to first adopt actions which happen to be environmentally supporting. 

The old environmenal education model (teach people about Nature so awareness and knowledge will grow into appreciation and environmentally supporting behaviors) is obviously an ineffective strategy for reaching Joe SUV Consumer.

In the early days of residential recycling, for example, only the educated and socially conscious folks (about 5% of households in my community) participated. But, as convenient curbside recycling pickup started, peer pressure and economics (recycling households could switch to a smaller, less expensive garbage container) motivated droves of Gentiles to participate. Once they changed their behavior and started recycling for social and economic reasons, they tended to realize and appreciate (or at least stop denying) the environmental benefits of recycling.

Gary Cross (author of An All Consuming Century) and Edwin Datschefski (www.biothinking.com) are interesting sources for more information.

Steve Leuty

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