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E-M:/ TONIGHT - Bill Moyers Special on the Chemical Industry

Enviro-Mich message from Tracey Easthope <tracey@ecocenter.org>

Reminder -
Watch the Moyer's special tonight!! Early reviews of the show suggest it is a
devastating indictment of the chemical industry.  Dow Chemical activities
will be among those highlighted.  In the '70's, European scientists found that
>vinyl chloride caused cancer in rats and might possibly be taken to 
>the human brain in body fats. "Determined to keep it secret," Moyers 
>reports, Conoco, B.F. Goodrich,
>Shell, Dow Chemical and Union Carbide signed a secrecy agreement about
>their findings."

The Ecology Center will try to highlight some documents related to 
recent Dow activities on its web site tomorrow.

There will be a viewing event in Detroit at McCarthy's 1600 W. Fort, 
just south of Trumbell.  Their telephone number is (313) 496-0626 
(organized by Pam Ortner  (810) 294-0770.)
Also, Ann Arbor will be holding a viewing event on Monday night, March 26.
at Leopold Brothers, 523 South Main Street starting at 8 pm.

***Find Your Local PBS Station airing Trade Secrets in Michigan****

Detroit Public Television, Detroit, MI, WGVU TV 35 & TV 52

Grand Rapids, MI, WKAR/Channel 23, East Lansing, MI

University of Michigan Public Television Flint, MI

CMU Public Television Mt. Pleasant, MI

WDCQ/Channel 19, University Center, MI

WGTE/Channel 30, Toledo, OH

WTTW/Channel 11, Chicago, IL

WNIT Public Television, Elkhart, IN

WNMU-TV Public TV 13, Marquette, MI


WBGU/Channel 27 Bowling Green, OH

WFWA PBS-39, Fort Wayne, IN

WDSE/Channel 8, Duluth, MN

Milwaukee Public Television, Milwaukee, WI

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