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E-M:/ Survey: Metro Detroiters support better public transit, new tax to fund it

March 27, 2001

To: Enviro-Mich
From: Kelly Thayer, Michigan Land Use Institute


Here's some good news for those working to enhance quality of life in Michigan by stopping sprawl, protecting the environment, and promoting transportation choices.

If the state and regional governments give residents an option, many will climb out of their cars and climb aboard world-class buses and trains, together with those who lack an alternative. Here's proof...

Survey: Metro Detroiters support better public transit, new tax to fund it
Southeast Michigan residents want a new transit system and are willing to pay for it, a new Southeast Michigan Council of Governments survey reveals.

*When those who responded they were somewhat likely to use a new transit system (35 percent) are combined with those very likely to use a new transit system (42 percent), 77 percent of respondents would likely use a new system.

*The survey also revealed that 59 percent of respondents indicated that they would support additional funding for a new public transit system. Only 14 percent indicated they would oppose such a tax and 27 percent were unsure.

*Conditions of road surfaces was cited as the highest-ranked problem with the current transportation system, followed by:
      -transportation for older people,
      -transportation for disabled people,
      -transportation for people without a dependable car,      and
      -transportation for people who would prefer an    alternative to driving.

For complete survey results, visit the SEMCOG web site at:

Sunday's Detroit Free Press editorial:

Transit Push
Leaders should get on board with public
March 25, 2001

A just-released survey by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments should add some gas to improving transit in metro Detroit...

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