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E-M:/ Expanded Bottle Bill

Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@msn.com>

Today's Ann Arbor News' editorial page comes out in favor of expanding the
bottle bill to include water, fruit, sports, and other drink containers.

The editorial is not yet available online, but the jist of the editorial
is that expansion of the bottle bill is an idea whose time has come.  They
call on Majority Leader Patterson, who has signed onto a new bill, to take
a leadership role in making it happen.

My two cents...

We may be at a point where the stars may be aligned perfectly, if we have
the political will to make it happen.  Michigan now has the opportunity to
be at the forefront of a potential recycling revolution, if an expanded
bottle bill is passed in combination with the DeBeaussaert/Gieleghem bills
to ban beverage containers from other states from being dumped in our

This would force those states and provinces that send their garbage into
Michigan to either: 1) stop sending their garbage here or 2) get their own
deposit laws.  If successful, there could be a potential domino effect of
initiatives for deposit laws in many states, particularly those that are
struggling with solid waste import problems like Michigan, such as
Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and others.  It would follow that
the exporting states would then have to have their own deposit programs to
continue the export of solid wastes.

I know, I know....there are political action committees and lobbyists from
the beverage and waste management industries out there that would be
working and passing cash around the clock to make sure that this would
never happen.

But it's worth a try, isn't it?

Jeff Surfus
Clean Water Action

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