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Re: E-M:/ Sludge

Enviro-Mich message from "wmeac water2" <wmeacwater2@hotmail.com>

Having just gone through some local experience with this, I can tell you:

1. Find out from "Enviroland" the source of the sludge (they will call it 
'biosolids'; isn't that attractive?). It is probably a municipality. You can 
then request from the municipality a report on the average content of the 
sludge as far as contaminants, nutrients, etc.

2. It will stink briefly, much as applying manure to a field would stink, 
only it smells like a septic tank instead of a barn. A few days after the 
application is finished, the stink will diminish, then go away. If the stink 
is excessive or lasts longer, something is amiss. If so, call the MDEQ 
Environmental Assistance Center: 1-800-662-9278.

3. If the stuff being applied is actually biosolids, it should be applied by 
"injection", using tank trucks that till it several inches into the soil as 
it is applied. These applications are overseen by the Michigan Department of 
Environmental Quality. You can get a folder full of information about 
Biosolids from the MDEQ. The city whose biosolids they are may have these 
folders available as well. Call and request  one. 

4. I and the MDEQ tested a stream adjoining such an application (this case, 
the stuff was applied incorrectly) to see if there were nutrient/e.coli 
problems. My tests found no problem from the field  initially but I am 
unsure what the MDEQ found as yet.

5.  I have not confirmed it, but I heard that the city of Boston pumps their 
biosolids into the ocean. (This may or may not be true.) Using it to 
fertilize animal food crops is a more intelligent way of recycling  this 
stuff, I think, although there are some things to beware of.

Patricia Pennell

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Enviro-Mich message from "Aretta Schils" <squaw@provide.net>

Can anyone enlighten about the good or bad effects of the farmers putting
sludge on their property.  At least that is what I "think" they are going to
put on the 100+ acres of farmland across from my house.

I understand a place called Enviroland is going to be dumping truckloads of
something over there.  Do I have to worry about what it's going to do to my
rural well? Is this stuff going to stink and, if so, how long?

There are two major creek/drains running through that land and wetlands
right next to it.  Is the run off from this stuff going to harm things

This may be a totally harmless event but because I'm ignorant of the
process, I am concerned and need to educate myself as well as others in my
neighborhood who are concerned also.


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