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There are rules about sludge applications available online:

I don't know about rules pertaining to contaminated soils, but your best bet 
is to ask the MDEQ or the EPA.

The rules about biosolid applications do not prevent contaminated product 
from being applied; they instead regulate the amount of contamination 
allowable in the application.  This turns out to be determined by an average 
of tests at the biosolids source, NOT by a test of what is actually being 
applied across the road.

Nice trick, huh? Kind of like the government rule that defines how many rat 
droppings and insect parts are permissible in flour....I ask, how many parts 
do YOU want in YOUR flour? I don't want ANY in mine, thank you. I also don't 
want any heavy metals in the local agricultural biosolids applications, but 
as the Rolling Stones say...."you can't always have what you want..." 
(although it's debatable that in this case that "ya get whatcha need." I 
don't think heavy metals applied to agricultural fields are what ANY of us 


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  Thank you for the information about how to find out about questionable
Following is a letter I sent Aretta Schils. My concern, some years ago, was
various soils, clay, etc, being used to cover dune sand where condos &
marinas were being built by developers on private property directly
bordering water connected to Lake Michigan. Also "The City" or a contractor
was spraying soil supposedly seeded with grass seed where roadside work had
been done but all that grew was ragweed. I still do not know of any
regulations preventing contaminated soil ( not only sludge ) from being
deposited as "fertilizer" or topsoil. Do you?
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