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E-M:/ statement by Congressman David Bonior on Bush administration environmental policies

Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey" <davemec@voyager.net>

March 28, 2001					    Allison Remsen (202) 225-3130

Urges Putting Health and Safety before Special Interests

Back when he was running for President, Mr. Bush often said that he "trusts
the people."

But, when it comes to protecting public health and the environment, few
Americans have reason to trust this Administration's agenda.

President Bush has called for oil drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge.

He's broken his campaign promise to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

He's even repealed new standards to get arsenic out of our drinking water —
at a time when 450 out of 3,000 drinking water wells in Michigan have too
much arsenic in them.

And the White House has now presented us with a budget that cuts or
shortchanges every important environmental initiative.

Instead of investing in protecting our water, this budget ignores the
challenges we already face. By even today's environmental standards, our
resources are not enough.

Why? Because in Michigan, our beaches are closed, our children can't swim in
the water and all 11,000 of our inland lakes have too much mercury in them.

Millions of American families depend on water treatment facilities so
decrepit and outdated that the water they process isn't always safe to

In Milwaukee, 104 people actually died from unsafe drinking water.

Nationally, EPA says it's going to cost $1 trillion over the next two
decades to improve our sewer systems.  That's about $23 billion a year more
than is already being spent by state and local governments and ratepayers

It's going to take $20 billion dollars over the next 30 years just to fix
water and sewer systems in southeastern Michigan.

4.2 million men, women and children depend on those systems.

But instead of investing in the treatment plants America needs — this budget
squanders that money on tax cuts for the super rich.

That may be this Administration's priority, but it's not ours.

Good sewers and wastewater treatment may not make for good photo-ops, but
they're essential to protecting our environment — and public health.

It's one thing to say you trust the people. It's another to offer
policies…an agenda…and a budget…that's worthy of our trust.

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Dave Dempsey
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