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Hudson is in Rep. Smith's own district.  Please
write him or your own Representative
about this.  --J. Kauffman

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Rep. Smith:  It is shocking to think you believe
water quality could be protected by proposing an
amendment that would violate the Clean Water Act,
as well as Michigan's P.A. 451.   Your amendment
requires no permits of Confined Animal Feeding
Operations if the state implements a Comprehensive
Nutrient Management Plan.

As you know, no permits are required in Michigan
now, and we have had 5 serious illegal discharges
from these facilities in our area within the last
year. (see list below, taken from DEQ documents).
CNMP "implementation" would be no different from
what we have now.  Our streams and lakes would be
at risk, as they are now.   Please reconsider, and
--for the sake of water quality, the protection of
invaluable water resources -- support enforcement
of the Clean Water Act and Michgian's P.A. 451.

Sincerely, Janet Kauffman
14671 W. Cadmus Road
Hudson, MI 49247

Illegal Discharges from Confined Animal Feed
             Hudson Area, 2000-2001 (Info from DEQ

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
sent Notice Letters to these 5 dairies citing
illegal discharge into the waters of the state, a
violation of the Clean Water Act and Michigan’s
law, P.A. 451.  They were ordered to stop the
discharges, but none of the CAFOs were fined or
penalized in any way.

February, 2000 – New Flevo Farms on Forrister Road
discharges 20,000 lbs. of milk into county drain;
contaminates Wallace and Hazen Creek.

March, 2000 – Hartland Farms on Hughes Highway
discharges 400,000 gal. of manure waste into
county drain; DEQ reports approx. 12 million gal.
of contaminated water will reach Lake Hudson.

September, 2000 – Bruinsma Farms on Mulberry Road
discharges silage leachate and waste runoff
through tile, onto property of Morenci Sportsmen’s
Club and into Silver Creek.

February, 2001 –  Stoutcrest Farms on Plank Road
discharges manure after application to frozen
ground, with runoff into Hazen Creek.

February, 2001 – Jelsma Farms on Camden Road
spray-irrigates manure onto hedgerow, trees, and
frozen ground; manure flows into Bennett Drain.
DEQ water samples show e.coli counts of
130,000/100 ml at US-127.  This discharge is
ongoing (as of March 28, 2001).

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