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Enviro-Mich message from "Rita Jack" <ritaj@flint.umich.edu>

Please note item number 2 below.  This is obviously important to us 
in Michigan.  -Rita Jack, UM-Flint 

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WaterNews is a weekly on-line publication that announces 
publications, policies, and activities of the U.S. Environmental 
Protection Agency's Office of Water.  

Inside this week's WaterNews:
1)  2002 Effluent Guidelines Plan Workshop: April 2-3, 2001,
Baltimore, MD 2)  Comment Period Extended on Large Animal Feeding
Operations 3)  Source Water Awareness Media Tool Kit Available Online

1)  2002 Effluent Guidelines Plan Workshop: April 2-3, 2001,
Baltimore, MD

EPA is holding a workshop to discuss its water pollution control
program for industrial discharges.  This meeting is a working session
of invited participants, including federal, state and local 
authorities, industry representatives, technology experts, and
environmental advocates. Workshop participants will evaluate
approaches for identifying which industry categories will be subject
to new or revised effluent guidelines.  The workshop will be held on
April 2 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and April 3 from 8:15 am to 5:30 pm 
the Admiral Fell Inn at 888 South Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland. 
While this meeting is open to the public primarily for viewing and
listening, the public may make oral comments on April 3 from 3:45 to
4:45.  If you have any questions regarding this meeting, send an
e-mail to matuszko.jan@epa.gov or liu.yu-ting@epa.gov. The Federal
Register notice announcing the meeting can be found at
www.epa.gov/fedrgstr/EPA-MEETINGS/2001/March/Day-21/m7026.htm on the

2)  Comment Period Extended on Proposal for Large Animal Feeding

On March 26, 2001, EPA Administrator Christie Whitman announced an
extension of the public comment period on a proposal to reduce water
pollution from large animal feedlot operations. The 75-day extended
comment period will allow the public to comment through July 30.  EPA
proposed new water pollution permitting controls in January that 
apply to large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs),
typically defined as having 1,000 cattle or comparable "animal
units"of other livestock. Throughout March, EPA held eight public
meetings across the country to provide additional information and
encourage public comment on the proposal. EPA is providing the
additional public comment opportunity based on comments received at
these meetings asking for more time to study and comment on the
proposed Clean Water Act permitting requirements and CAFO 
 For more information, visit EPA's web site at 
on the Internet.

3)  Source Water Awareness Media Tool Kit Available Online

EPA recently funded a project to raise public consciousness of the
importance of protecting the quality of drinking water at the source
-- river, stream, lake, reservoir, or aquifer.  The International
City/County Management Association used the EPA grant to create a
source water awareness media tool kit, which details the benefits of
source water protection, and what individuals and communities can do
to protect their water supply.  The tool kit includes a 2-color
poster, fact sheet, flyer, sample public service announcements and
press releases, and other materials that can be downloaded and 
to meet the needs of local groups.  The materials were tested in a
pilot media campaign in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. The tool kit is
available from EPA's source water protection web site at

TRY OUR OTHER WEB SITES: Visit EPA's effluent guidelines web site at
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