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E-M:/ Resources: solid waste recycling and methane gas capture and use - for Philippine projects

Dr. Fanny dela Cruz will host Fr. Beltran, from Smokey Mountain in the Philippines, one of four regional municipal dumps.  He has permission to recycle 2 tons of garbage daily at one of the dumps.  The purpose of this recycling will be to economically process materials to support young people and poor families, and to provide a better life for those who make their livelihoods from these dumps.  Funds would be used for housing, education and health care, as well as to improve safety.
I would appreciate suggestions for economical or donating sources for equipment, methods, specialists in analyzing whether methane could be captured from these dumps and used for practical purposes.  I am looking for specific names and organizations that Fr. Beltran can meet with when he is in the Detroit area in early May.
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