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Re: E-M:/ Natural Resources Trust Fund Rewrite Proposed -- Reduce Land Acquis...

To Anne et al -

Thanks for the "heads up".  I also support raising the cap on the fund.

I can't agree more that funds should be retained largely for land
acquisition.  Another negative to the premature development of facilities is
that administrating agencies (state or local), are never adequately funded to
manage, protect and maintain the facilities that are developed.  As a 29-year
veteran of MDNR, including 6 years as a State Park manager, and the rest of
my tenure working with state and local communities on rivers, lakes and
streams and watershed management, I know first hand how true this is.  As a
result, the public is invited and encouraged to use such developed
facilities, then shortchanged because there is not enough staff to protect
the public or the resource, or provide even minimum services.  Further,
without adequate funds to maintain these facilities, they soon deteriote to
the point where they are useless, and often dangerous, to the public.

I'm with you.  Let's oppose this proposed shift in Trust Fund policy.


Douglas D. Carter
Consultant on Rivers and Watersheds
12759 Oneida Woods Trail
Grand Ledge, MI  48837

517-627-7690  voice and fax