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E-M:/ Sierra Club Delivers Arsenic Message to Rep. Rogers - 'Tell Bush Not in My Neighborhood!'

Enviro-Mich message from "Daniel Farough" <daniel.farough@sierraclub.org>


Michigan Sierra Club successfully delivered a message to Congressman Rogers
on the arsenic issue (4/2/01) yesterday at a press conference in Lansing.
We we're not invited, but we came anyway bareing jugs of arsenic-laden tap
water from systems around his district.  We delivered a letter urging Rep.
Rogers to formally oppose the President's rollback of the new standard.
Anne Woiwode of the Chapter staff captured a photo of our delivering a
formal letter and a jug of aresnic water from the Linden water system
(43.3ppb).  Other water systems samples presented: Durand 15.3ppb and Grand
Blanc Twp. 32.1ppb.  Mr. Rogers was urged to tell the President "not in  our
neighborhood," but was non-committal. Thousands of people on a variety of
water systems in Rogers'district will be impacted by the decision.

The National Academy of Sciences stated the following about the arsenic
standards the Bush administration is allowing to remain in effect:
The 50 ppb, 1942 arsenic standard, which was in place at the time, "does not
achieve EPA's goal for public health protection."
	Drinking water at the 50 ppb standard "could easily" result in a total
fatal cancer risk of one in 100 persons.
	That's a cancer risk 10,000 times higher than EPA allows for contaminants
in food, and 100 times higher than EPA has ever allowed for tap water
	The Academy recommended that the standard be lowered "as promptly as
	The new 10 ppb standard is identical to the one adopted several years ago
by the European Union and the World Health Organization

Contrary to the Bush administrations claims, the new standard was developed
after years of public input and scientific study.  So why is Bush rolling
back standards based in sound science and public input?

Newsweek (March 26, 2001) and the New York Times (March 21, 2001) reported
that the arsenic rollback came after two weeks of "ferocious lobbying" by
mining and energy interests.  Arsenic is both naturally occuring and a
byproduct of mining and heavy industry.  These interests gave millions of
dollars to President Bush's campaign.

Please call Congressman Rogers at 517-702-8000 and tell him to stand up to
President Bush and for the people of his district.  Tell him to advocate for
the stronger protections on our drinking water and to defend the 10ppb
standard.  Tell him that this is not about "Party politics" its about
putting the public interests before special interests like big mining.  A 1
in 100 cancer rate is simply too high a price to pay so big mining can make
a few extra bucks.

For those that are interested there are several photographs of the small but
dedicated group of volunteers who mobilized on a Monday morning, a direct
exchange with Congressman Rogers, and a pic of our Jugs of Arsenic-laden
water (check out the nutrition facts sticker made by one of volunteer:
Christine Battiste).  Signs made by outstanding intern Kendra kimbirauskas.
Special thanks to Julie Brixie and her family for attending.


Daniel Farough
Sierra Club
Environmental Public Education Campaign Coordinator
Political Coordinator
109 East Grand River Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906
(517) 484-2372 phone
(517) 484-3108 fax

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