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E-M:/ Seminar Series Announcement

The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) announces the 2001
Michigan Spring Seminar Series.  This 3-seminar series, coordinated by CTIC
and co-sponsored by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and
USEPA, focuses on land use and conservation issues. The seminars will
feature presentations related to both the issues of land use change and
activities being undertaken in Michigan to resolve them.

April 25 - Stormwater Management: Design and Practice
	   Mt. Pleasant Holiday Inn

		The Center for Watershed Protection will present a number of
modules from its urban hydrology training series, including: site design,
stormwater filtering systems, aquatic buffering systems, stormwater
retrofitting techniques, and urban watershed protection.
May 8 - Land Use, Conservation , and Protection
	 Grand Rapids Delta Plex

		Local officials, researchers, planners, and foundations
provide examples of their efforts in the areas of monitoring land use change
with GIS, farmland preservation, watershed-based partnerships, and local and
regional planning.  Each will discuss their work as it relates to urban
sprawl in West Michigan, although the examples and information provided can
be utilized in other areas.
May 21 - Open Space & Conservation Development Efforts
	  Ann Arbor Holiday Inn North Campus

This session features tools and techniques used by area citizens,
researchers, and practitioners in response to the impacts associated with
urban sprawl in southeast Michigan.  Topics to be discussed include the
Southeast Michigan Greenways Initiative, citizen monitoring, wetland
mitigation for conservation development, open space ordinances, and more.
The tools, technologies and programs presented will be applicable to other
areas of Michigan and surrounding states.
Registration fees for each seminar are $30, or $75 for all workshops (no
substitutions please).  You can register online at www.ctic.purdue.edu , by
phone at (765) 494-9555, or by fax at (765) 494-5969.  Please refer
questions to one of the above numbers or to ctic@ctic.purdue.edu.