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E-M:/ MDNR vs. Pickerel Lake (at Pinkney Recreation Area)

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Subject: Update on Friends of Pickerel Lake activity
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 19:52:33 -0400

We would like to share this information to others in Michigan who are =
working to save some of our beautiful lakes from the heavy hand of the =


The Dexter Township Board has agreed to support a resolution proposed by =
the Friends of Pickerel Lake, asking for a one year moratorium on =
development to Pickerel Lake by the Parks and Recreation Division of the =
Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Over 150 Michigan citizens have formed the group Friends of Pickerel =
Lake, whose goal is to stop DNR plans which will attract more gas =
powered boats to the lake. Located in the Pinckney Recreation Area, in =
Washtenaw County, the small 20 acre lake is largely untouched, and for =
years has been a haven for a variety of users who enjoy the pristine =
waters and the tranquil setting. A channel connects Crooked Lake to =
Pickerel Lake, but a sandy lane is the only direct access to the lake.

The DNR plans to grade and gravel the parking lot and the lane to the =
lake. The sandy area at the water's edge would be entirely covered with =
gravel and will serve as an improved boat launch.

FPL is concerned that these changes will cause a shift from current low =
impact to high impact usage, harming the environmental integrity of the =
lake and shore. On a typical day, Pickerel Lake attracts small boaters, =
fishermen, scuba divers, snorkelers, families and individuals who come =
to enjoy the quiet, natural setting. All this will be changed with the =
arrival of more and larger gas motor boats, which will bring noise and =
pollution, disturbing the wildlife and changing the character of the =

As a result of public pressure from many lake users in the Ann Arbor, =
Dexter, and Pinckney areas who have sent hundreds of letters to Susan =
Lothrop, District Manager, the DNR has assured FPL that there will be a =
public hearing, probably in late May.

Larger lakes in the Pinckney Recreation Area such as Half Moon, Portage, =
North, South, Bruin and Joslin Lakes all have improved boat ramps and =
have been developed by the DNR to attract and accommodate a large number =
of gas powered boats. Mill Lake in the Waterloo Recreation Area is the =
only lake in Washtenaw County designated "no gas motors."

The objectives of Friends of Pickerel Lake are to work with the DNR to =
explore alternatives to their current plans, to limit boating to =
car-top, carry down boats using only non gas motors, and to preserve the =
low impact multiple use of Pickerel Lake.

Organizations such as Washtenaw Audubon and the Ecology Center have =
issued statements opposing any alterations to the Pickerel Lake site =
that would increase high impact use and urging the DNR to reconsider its =
plans and to accept citizen input. Many members of the People's Food =
Coop in Ann Arbor support FPL as evidenced by their signing a petition =
with over 200 names.=20

For more information, go to the FPL website: friendsofpickerellake.org
CONTACT: hfweiss@umich.edu

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