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E-M:/ Fw: Arsenic in Lincoln 3 times safe level

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Subject: Arsenic in Lincoln 3 times safe level

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> We are residents of Lincoln. We live next door to Viking Energy.  We have
> been experiencing fallout from their smoke stack.  This has been very
> heavy and very frequent since Feb,4,2001.  Samples were collected and sent
> to be anylized by the Department of Environmental Quality of Michigan.
> The results came in last week and we received a call from Mark Stephens,
> the DEQ agent that took the samples.  He informed us that the arsenic
> level was 24 parts per million.  He said safe levels are 7.6 parts per
> million.  This is in direct contact.  He informed me to keep my children
> from playing in the yard.  Since the children have been playing in the
> yard, he said we should get a blood test to check for arsenic poisoning.
> Since my husband and myself have been collecting samples and have done
> yard work, we felt it necessary to be tested ourselves.  We are waiting
> for test results.
> The articles I have seen in the paper have down played the seriousness of
> this problem.  I hope anyone suspecting a problem will also contact the
> DEQ with your concerns. The DEQ agent was at Lincoln on 4-9-01 collecting
> soil samples.
> Watch for further updates.
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