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E-M:/ Take Action for Lake Superior

Title: Take Action for Lake Superior
It's easy. 
It's junk-mail free. 
Its saving Lake Superior!

Lake Superior Activist Voices for the Environment  LSAVE, brings you the chance to fax or email decision makers from your computer desktop.

Find out more and sign up as an LSAVE activist at:
or send email to: Lsave@nwf.org
With just five minutes each month each and every LSAVE activist will be able to take effective, targeted action on behalf of Lake Superior protection.  But we need your help to get things started.  The effectiveness of the system depends upon building our database.  Our goal is to sign up 1,000 or more LSAVE activists in the next month.

That's where you can help.  To help us reach our goal we're asking everyone to share this message with friends, family members.

All of the signup information is in the message below. Thank you for your help in building a stronger, more effective voice for Lake Superior's future.

Lake Superior's digital front line
Lake Superior Activist Voices for the Environment (LSAVE
Environmental organizations from around Lake Superior have teamed up to bring you Lake Superior's first digital advocacy network; Lake Superior Activist Voices for the Environment. Environment North, Lake Superior Alliance, National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club Central Upper Peninsula Chapter are working together to find the issues and to bring them to activists throughout the world. As an LSAVE activist, you will hold decision makers around Lake Superior accountable for critical environmental issues. You will receive between 10-12 action alerts each year.

Getting Started:
Sign up today. Join your friends and neighbors in this powerful new on-line community to bring our great grandchildren's great grandchildren a healthier Lake Superior.

Sign up at:
or send email to: Lsave@nwf.org

Who we are:
LSAVE is supported through the work and generous financial support of National Wildlife Federation, The Lake Superior Alliance, Sierra Club Central UP Group, Environment North and participating activists like you.
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