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E-M:/ Mr. Silfven, if you please

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

Is DEQ spokesman Silfven monitoring Enviro-Mich? I just read the AA Live News 
article, "Enviros target DEQ, Engler." Silfven did not get an opportunity to 
respond to specific allegations with specific answers. All that the News 
quoted him with were skinny little generalizations. I would hope he would 
take advantage of his own request "A day like Earth Day should be a time to 
look for middle ground and take a constructive look at how we can make things 
DEQ Spokesman Silfven, here is one opportunity.
You seemed to agree with us that "Michigan's once proud environmental 
movement has been hijacked by political hacks and extremists." I am very 
interested in hearing more of your thoughts on your statement. You see we 
also thought we had been hijacked by the "Current Administration," so lets 
continue as you suggested, go for the middle ground.
Second, you said "drilling from shore to reach petroleum under the Great 
Lakes is safe," and that "Engler had called for an independent scientific 
review of the process." That is certainly calming, I'm glad he is going the 
extra mile, with an independent study. Now help me understand, there is no 
chance of contaminating the largest body of fresh water in the world? Or if 
oh-oh did happen, you are satisfied you can clean it up 100%? That would be 
an excellent middle ground, because what ever is accomplished, finding the 
almighty oil, or polluting the lakes for ever, your names will go down in 
history, like Lincoln or Booth.
What is the potential value of the oil that may be found? 
What is the potential value of fresh, uncontaminated water, to a growing 
population, not to mention the creatures living in it now, or taking an 
occasional drink from the lakes?
The AA Live News, also did not give you much room on another statement. You 
said "Engler has tried to discourage waste imports, but the issue requires 
federal action." What all has he done, in a nut shell please?
 Was he successful, or did he fail? I have some specific questions, no 
generalizations, please. 
Does it take federal action to refuse cans and bottles in our dumps which 
"Michigan's once-proud environmental movement" has provided for it's own 
Upon examination, any cans and bottles spotted in a hauler, could we refuse 
the whole truck? Turn it back?
If we don't spot check trucks, how do we know they are not smuggling in dope 
or bombs, hazardous waste? Or do we just take a chance? I am sure the dumps 
would be very willing to pick up the cost of monitoring, they also should be 
concerned about bombs and hazardous waste, etc. They have a thriving business 
here in Michigan. And they are the ones profiting. Who else is?
Is the governor then saying that there is NOTHING that can be done except at 
the federal level? Did he give up trying? Would examining 100-200 Canadian 
garbage trucks a day effect the bottom line on such a profitable dumping 
ground as we have here in Michigan?
What do we do when our Michigan dump is full? Build them another one? Didn't 
the Sumpter dump pass approval as a Michigan only dump? In fact Wayne County 
I don't know for sure, that is why I am asking?
So our "vindictive sideshow" perhaps is an opportunity to meet in the middle. 
Maybe we could perhaps meet at the table, Enviros, business and government 
and iron out details before the permitting process? Do you think about 150 
unpaid family people had nothing better to do than go to Lansing and try to 
maintain our great state, or even make it healthier?
Mr. Silfven, if you went camping when you were done with your campfire and 
had put it out, do you then remove all signs of that campfire, returning it 
to it's original intent? Did you pick up more trash than you brought? If 
everyone in Michigan says no to the previous two questions, what will we 
have? If they say yes, would that be a good thing? Some of that Canadian 
garbage is blowing around in our recent 60 mph winds, did your staff pick any 
of it up? Did the Canadians ahh?
This letter represents my own personal concerns. I request yours Mr. Silfven. 
And thanks up front for your response. We do not have to agree sir, just 
understand each other, meet in the middle.
Jerry Renning

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