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E-M:/ Openings for Fundamentals of Permaculture Course

Enviro-Mich message from Ginny Jones at WMU <virginia.jones@wmich.edu>

"Fundamentals of Permaculture" , the first half of the coursework required for
a certificate in permaculture will be offered near Kalamazoo from June 15-23.
Permaculture is the conscious design of houses, towns, farms , and gardens to
grow food, harvest water, clean waste, and to produce more energy that we
consume. Only when we have become accomplished in these arts will we have
become worthy stewards of the Earth. Course contents includes training in whole
systems deign. It covers permaculture ethics and principles , patterns in
nature and culture, ecosystems, climatic and bioregional regimes, forests,
soils and water, the requirements of human habitat, natural builiding, energy ,
waste treatment, plant and animal cultivation, mapping, economic and financial
systems and the links between them. Participants will have the opportunity to
shaep oermaculture design systmes for Manitou Arbor Ecovillage. Instructors are
Peter Bane, international jurnalist, village designer and publisher of "The
Permaculture Activist" and Keith Johnson, landscape artist and community
gardener at Earthhaven Ecovillage and invited guests.  Costs for commuters is
$300 and includes 8 days instruction and snacks. Resdiential options are
available for additional cost. Need to finalize registration early in May. If
interested contact: Dr. Virginia Jones at jonesv@wmich.edu. 

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