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E-M:/ Michigan Renewable Energy Grants Sold Out!

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@voyager.net>

The State of Michigan has awarded all of the $300,000 budgeted for 
photovoltaic and wind generation incentives during 2001.  While not all of 
the grants were spent last year, the 2001 funding is done and gone and it's 
just barely spring!

At least 300,000 watts of new PV and wind generation will be going up 
around the state this year thanks to these grants.  These systems will 
produce electricity while not producing any air or water pollution or 
nuclear waste.

  Way to go Michigan.

Unfortunately in Washington, 'resident Bush has submitted his budget to 
congress and is looking to slash Renewable Energy funding by 50%, or 
$70,000,000.  Instead of promoting conservation and renewable generation, 
it appears the administration will use these funds to pay for tax cuts to 
the wealthiest Americans and increased military spending.

If you don't agree with these priorities, contact your Sens. Levin 
(senator@levin.senate.gov) and Stabenow (senator@stabenow.senate.gov) or 
your representative in Congress (find your representative at 
http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW.html ).

Tell your representatives that Bush Administrations proposed budget cuts 
for energy conservation and renewable generation are a terrible 
mistake.  The only way to address our nation's energy shortage is through 
major Investments in energy conservation and renewable generation.  The 
quickest and most cost effective method for reducing energy shortages is by 
increasing energy savings (conservation) and developing renewable energy 

To drill under the Great Lakes or the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a 
waste of hard earned money and will do nothing but risk environmental ruin.

Thank you,

David Wright

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