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E-M:/ Less than 2 weeks until Eco 2001!

Enviro-Mich message from Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination <cacceco@earthlink.net>


NOTE: Feel free to print out the registration form below and submit 
it to our registrar.

Backyard Eco Conference 2001


Love your Mother---

Safe Food, Good Communities and Honest Politics

May 11,12,13

Mystic Lake YMCA Camp

Clare County, Michigan

Well - if adversity tends to promote environmental activism, then the 
next few years should be exciting and busy!

CACC is again offering to "First Time Adult Enrollees" a 20% discount 
off their total cost.

We are presenting another fine mix this year of great speakers, 
talented musicians and artists, fabulous food and a fun learning 
experience for the kids.all in a peaceful, beautiful setting!

Please come and share a day or the weekend with us. Bring a friend 
and meet new ones.


John Witucki, For the CACC Board
The Nuclear-Free Great Lakes Campaign will hold an all-afternoon 
planning meeting Saturday, preparing for the Third Great Lakes 
Anti-Nuclear Action Camp to be held in Michigan in late summer. 
Consisting of several regional safe-energy organizations, the group 
is actively working to rid the Great Lakes Bio-Region of all 
hazardous nuclear reactors and contamination sites.

The camp aims to
* Educate about nuclear power hazards, and promote safe-energy 
alternatives * Train the next generation of safe-energy activists, 
both on energy related issues and in skills needed to become 
effective activists and organizers, and Environmentalists attending 
ECO are welcome to attend.

Merrill Clark

A certified organic farmer/marketer herself since the early 1980's, 
Merrill Clark has seen the industry and state certification 
activities sputter, then take major steps forward to not only keep 
up, but also excel in certain activities. She is also co-chair of 
Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance (MOFFA) and coordinated two 
MOFFA Harvest Festivals at Washtenaw College near Ann Arbor and at 
the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason. She and her family own 
Roseland Organic Farms in Cassopolis, MI, an 1800 acre diversified 
beef and grain farm which features 100's of acres of wetlands, 
natural marl, ponds, woodlots, a papaw patch, a cottage market, and a 
goodly array of John's recyclables.


How we treat the gifted land on which we all walk and from which we 
retrieve our food is an indication of how much we cherish our own 
lives and the lives of those that follow.

This talk will examine how the artlessness of typical food production 
in this country is taking a toll on the Earth and its resources, as 
well as on the health of all the Earth's inhabitants.

Can organic food production step up to the proverbial plate and put 
plentiful, nutritious and clean food on that plate for consumption by 
this county's families? What are audience members doing to bring 
clean food to their family tables? Is there enough organic food 
available to you or do you just do "the best you can" at the shelves 
of a Meijers?

With the passage this winter of part one of the Michigan Organic Food 
Products Act, agencies engaged in overseeing the policies related to 
conventional agricultural production will shift gears to promote and 
regulate organic production and marketing. Some don't want to see MDA 
anywhere near organic farm fields and others wonder about the typical 
and often contradictory "promote and regulate" roles of the 
Department. The USDA has also just released a final rule on organic 
food standards for public comment. Keep an ear to the ground.

Greg Coleridge,

Greg Coleridge is the Director of the Economic Justice & Empowerment 
Program of the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee 
(AFSC), a Quaker social action organization, where he currently works 
on issues of campaign finance reform, environmental cleanup, and 
corporate power and democracy. He is co-coordinator of the Ohio 
Committee on Corporations, Law and Democracy, which in 1998 published 
Citizens over Corporations, a brief history of corporate power and 
democracy in Ohio. He received the Public Service Achievement Award 
by the national group Common Cause in 1998. Corporate Fairy Tales and 
Democratic Myths: From the Commerce Clause to Santa Clause

Our political culture is filled with myths. None may be more powerful 
and dangerous than the myth that our system is "democratic". Authentic
democratic self-expression in our communities and nation is simply 
not possible, in a culture that defines money as free speech, 
corporations as persons, and property as beyond democratic control. 
Nor can we hope to have a voice in decisions that affect our lives if 
we continue to believe that the Constitution exists to protect all 
equally, that the Bill of Rights is as expansive as it can be, and 
that judges and courts are objective, neutral and "above politics". 
We need to debunk such myths and begin to build a reality which is 
grounded on ideas, institutions, and programs which affirm the voices 
of every person and works in harmony with democrats (note the small 
"d") in other communities and nations.

Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills is an author, editor, and speaker who has been 
working in the ecology movement since 1969. Leland Press will publish 
her fifth book,
Epicurean Simplicity in spring of 2002. Mills lives in Northern 
Michigan. Life is a Mystery "Resisting the Techno-Craze, Respecting 
the Wild"

Stephanie will urge a radical re-thinking of our society's drift 
toward the synthetic. Authenticity and renewal; inspiration and 
instruction, can best be found in the wild: self-willed natural areas 
and free people. Heedless technology would compromise human nature 
and nature itself. Time to struggle to preserve earthly reality! and 
to celebrate the non-technological wonders of evolutionary time.


Edward C. Lorenz
"Update on St. Louis/Pine River"

Mr. Lorenz teaches both history and political science courses and 
directs the Public Affairs Institute. He also heads the Community 
Advisory Group (CAG) in Gratiot County that began with a focus on the 
environmental problems resulting from the operation of the Velsicol 
Chemical Company who dumped thousands of tons of DDT in the Pine 
River and other regions near St. Louis. The Velsicol plant also was 
famous for the accident that led to mixing cattle feed with the fire 
retardant PBB in 1973, one of the worst food chain contamination 
accidents in history. Consequently, the communities have two active 
Superfund sites and a river with the highest levels of DDT ever 
documented in this country (up to 44,000 ppm). The shared sense of 
indignation and frustration that surfaced as a result of these 
initial meetings empowered the community to form a community advisory 
group. This group, incorporated as the Pine River Superfund Citizens 
Taskforce, continuously monitors the clean up and provides a forum 
for community input. Mr. Lorenz will provide an update on the cleanup 
and on their federal lawsuit.

Lisa Gue

National Nuclear Waste policy-Deadly Directions

Lisa Gue is a policy analyst on nuclear waste issues for Public 
Citizen's Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program, with a 
specific focus on fighting the proposal for a high-level radioactive 
waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Based in Washington, 
D.C., Lisa monitors this issue in congress and the federal agencies. 
Last summer she worked on the Radioactive Roads and Rails campaign, 
teaming up with local groups in six states to host events aimed at 
raising awareness among citizens, politicians, and the media about 
the dangers associated with transporting high-level nuclear waste.

Lisa studied international development at the University of Calgary, 
in Western Canada. She was centrally involved in student activism at 
local and national levels. She worked internationally with 
non-governmental groups in Europe on globalization issues before 
coming to Public Citizen last year.

Cheryl Collins/Terry Gill

Protecting Streams through Citizen's Monitoring

Cheryl resides in Oakland County, Michigan with her husband Bill, a wetlands
Consultant. She is a founding member of the Thumb Bioregional 
Alliance (TBA). Cheryl was one of the original members of both the 
Mill Creek Coalition - organized to oppose 17 miles of dredging of 
Mill Creek in St. Clair County - and Don't Waste Michigan Site #2 
Chapter - which helped defeat siting of a Low Level Radioactive Waste 
Facility in St. Clair County. Cheryl also served on the St. Clair 
County Solid Waste Planning Committee. With Terry Gill, Cheryl helped 
organize monitoring of Mill Creek.

Terry has been an outspoken advocate for preserving our environment for many
years. She has served as a board member of the Michigan Environmental 
Council, the St. Clair County Solid Waste Planning Committee, the Low 
Level Radioactive Waste institute for Research and Education and 
Greenwood Township's planning commission. She is also the Project 
Manager of the Mill Creek Volunteer Monitoring Project (MCVMP) that 
is part of the Michigan DEQ' s "Michigan Volunteer Monitoring 
Program". The MCVMP compares data collected by volunteers from 
sections of Mill Creek that have been recently dredged to data 
collected from sections of the creek, which remain natural, and 
sections of the creek where river restoration techniques have been 
applied. Some of the types of data collected include stream wildlife, 
water characteristics (runs, rifles, pools, eddies), stream bank 
habitat, bank erosion, stream shading and sediment depth. Dramatic 
results of the first year of data collection have shown the value of 
river restoration versus conventional dredging. The report and the 
project itself have sparked considerable interest and praise from 
state regulators.

Amanda Hathaway/Dennis Fox

MUCC and Toxics Issues

Amanda is a Public Relations Specialist who joined MUCC in June of 
1997. She previously worked as an Environmental Education Specialist 
in MUCC's Education Department for three years and as Assistant to 
the Michigan State Parks Adventure Program for several years prior, 
bringing public attention to this free summer interpretive program 
showcasing Michigan's natural resources. She has received Bachelor's 
degrees in Science and Technology Studies from Lyman Briggs. She also 
holds a Master's degree in Agricultural and Natural Resources 
Communications and in Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources with an 
emphasis on marketing, all from Michigan State University.

Dennis Fox, MUCC Land Use and Waste Issue Staff Contact. Dennis is an 
Environmental Policy Specialist who joined MUCC in May of 1999. 
Previously he worked as a Policy Analyst for the Senate Democratic 
Caucus in Lansing for seven years on agricultural, administrative 
rules, environment, land use, and natural resources issues. He 
received a Bachelor' s degree in Political Science - Pre-Law from 
Michigan State University.

Amanda will introduce participants to the Michigan United Conservation Clubs
(MUCC) with a multimedia presentation, outlining the organization's 
history, mission, goals, and organizational structure. Dennis Fox 
will then detail MUCC's work on toxics, including local, state and 
federal efforts. Both speakers will highlight ways in which 
participants can become informed of or involved in MUCC's 
conservation work.

Tom Shea

Michigan Peace Team -Civil Disobedience Workshop

After a brief assessment of participants experience and knowledge of 
civil disobedience, this session will involve participants in a 
combination of information, reflection, and an emphasis on practice 
exercises around three main questions about civil disobedience: How 
does theory relate to practice? What are the skills involved in 
practicing civil disobedience? What are some expected and unexpected 

Tom Shea is a long-time member of the twenty-two year old Faith and 
Resistance movement in Michigan and currently a senior trainer for 
Michigan Peace Team. He has personal experience from a number of 
civil disobedience actions.

Youth Programs:

The backyard Eco Conference Youth Program sets this gathering apart from any
other. Activities have been designed to capture the interest and 
involvement of the three groups. All young people are expected to be 
enrolled in Eco's Youth Programs for the duration of the conference, 
except for the tiniest babies. Unsupervised children are not 
permitted as they are not only at risk for themselves but lead to the 
disruption of planned activities.

Eco Youth 2001

Explore, explore, explore. 2000 Eco Conference Youth are in for fun 
and adventure. Friday evening and night the youth will be responsible 
for checking in at our Arts and Crafts building. There they will find 
out the weekends planned activities. All youth are expected to be 
enrolled with the youth program. Young ones under 6, should be 
registered with our Earthcrawlers program. Earthcrawlers are 
supervised all day and parents are asked to dedicate half a day with 
the toddlers. Meals at Eco are times for everyone to eat together and 
share the day's experiences.

Every acre, every wetland and hillside will see the footprints of our 
group. Mystic Lake Camp is big so be ready to hike, play animal 
survival, build shelters, have campfires, sing songs, draw, paint and 
sculpt. With a diverse age group, we will all work together to make 
sure everyone has fun. Sometimes there will be activities just for 
the more mature youth. And for the younger youth, high energy and 
creative programs will be played all day.

Youth programs conclude with the day's seminars and workshops. 
Saturday we will have an evening campfire and Sunday concludes the 
weekend with a drum circle and song dedication.

Eco Youth Friend will be lead by Alayne Speltz and her talented 
staff. If you are interested in playing with us or leading an 
activity call (517) 544-2844.

Electronic Communications Email, the Internet, and Beyond - Joseph Badura

Building on similar sessions offered in previous years, Joseph will 
offer one-on-one and small group assistance with negotiating the 
resources of the word wide web, establishing an email account and the 
basics of electronic communication. A sign-up sheet will be available 
at Registration to schedule times for individual assistance. Small 
group sessions will be offered throughout the weekend.

Eco Food:

The conference opens with a potluck supper Friday evening, so 
remember to bring a dish to pass. We'll supply beverages.

Mike Everetts of Petoskey is bringing his "Real Food" Dream Kitchen 
to Eco again! Mike has planned a delicious menu of natural foods with 
an emphasis on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Volunteer help is always appreciated in the kitchen; especially at 
the end of the conference for clean up!

Eco Auction:

The Eco Auction is an opportunity to bring something special to the 
Eco Conference to donate to help support the work of CACC. A silent 
auction will be held throughout the weekend, with individual items 
being auctioned off before the group. Previous "prizes" have included 
handmade cards, artwork, a water filtration kit, composter and a bed 
and breakfast weekend.

All contributions donated for this purpose are, of course, tax 
deductible and will be acknowledged.

Eco Arts and Music:

Victor McManemy has been a feature of all of the past Eco 
Conferences. His songs are a call to action, whether describing the 
mistreatment of indigenous peoples or the abuse of our environment. 
It has been said that the waters of the Great Lakes flow in the veins 
of the life-long Traverse area resident.

Tim Joseph sings the old songs along with some new ones. A founder 
and organizer of the Spirit of the Woods Music Festival, Tim has 
always had a love for the people's music. When not playing the guitar 
and banjo he's a stonemason and carpenter from the Manistee County 
town of Brethren.

Fine Arts Exhibit:

Gretchen Michaels will again be returning to provide another glimpse 
at the endless possibilities of integrating Fine Arts and 
Environmental Education.

This year we will have a chance to learn the "Art of Paper Making". 
 From our first teachers, the paper wasps, to the contemporary Eco-Art 
form, explore papermaking with Gretchen. Create note cards, baskets 
and collages with natural fibers, plants and pulps.

All materials and equipment will be available through out the weekend. While
enjoying the paper making process, you will contemplate both the 
aesthetic and pragmatic sides of the paper industry. This 
inter-generational art activity will send you home with a unique art 
piece as well as a renewed awareness of the quantity and quality of 
21st century paper production.

As in past years, Gretchen Michaels is coordinating the collection 
and display of arts that celebrate the Earth through painting, 
sculpture, drawings, photograph, and writings. If you want to exhibit 
art at Eco, contact Gretchen at 248-628-7463 in the evening. 

NOTE: 20% Discount on total for all first time adult Eco Registrants 
- Plus a Free Gift!

Conference Fees

Adult Registration 50.00 x ___=

Student (with ID) 25.00

Youth Program 25.00 x ___

State/Province__________________Zip______ Telephone Day ( )____________________
Telephone Evening ( )____________________

Meal Pass - 5 meals 25.00 x ___=$________ Single Meal Ticket 5.50 x 
__ =$________
Child's Meal Pass 12.00 x __ =$________
Single Child's Meal 3.00 x ___=$________ (Child 8-14, free below 8)
List the persons registered with this form. Please give complete 
names and information on each person. Attach additional sheet if 

Name__________________________ Adult(M/F) Child Age ___(M/F) Name 
__________________________Adult(M/F) Child Age ___(M/F) Name 
___________________________Adult(M/F) Child Age ___(MF)
Name ___________________________ Adult(M/F) Child Age____ (M/F)

Cabin (per person) 20.00 x ___ =$_______ Rough camping (tent /site) 
5.00 =$_______ RV Parking (no hookups) /site 7.50 =$_______ Attention 
College Students - A discounted registration fee and free camping is
offered to students with college/university identification bring your 
ID with you to the conferenceto confirm your discount. Early 
Registration Bonus! - All adult registrations postmarked by May 5 will
receive a Backyard Eco Conference tote bag featuring the CACC logo. 
Registrants after that date will have the opportunity to purchase a 
bag at Eco.

CACC Membership
Individual 25.00 $_______
Please Family 30.00 $_______
Organization 50.00 $_______
Donation $_______
Total Amount $_______
Send with your check made out to CACC

Scholarships - A limited number of scholarships are available. Call 
the Eco Registrar at 517-426-5540 (evenings) for details

Eco Conference Registrar
564 Parkway
Gladwin, MI 48624
Full refunds granted prior to May 5. No refunds thereafter.

Conference Schedule

Friday May 11

3:00 - 8:00 Registration

5:30 - 7:00 Potluck Dinner (Please bring dish to pass!)

7:00 - 8:00 CACC's Annual Meeting

8:00 - 10:00 Merrill Clark "The Gift of Good Land..and Good Food"

10:00 -12:00 Informal Reception (Music, Socializing) Victor McManemy, 
Tim Joseph and friends

Saturday May 12

7:00 - 8:30 Breakfast

8:30 - Noon Registration Continues

8:45 - 10:15 Cheryl Collins/Terry Gill "Protecting Streams through
s Monitoring"

10:30 - 11:45 Panel discussion on Great Lakes/National Nuclear Waste
with Lisa Gue Noon

1:00 Lunch

1:15 - 4:45 Tom Shea - "Civil Disobedience Workshop"


1:15 - 3:00 Dennis Fox "MUCC and Toxics Issues" Amanda Hathaway "MUCC 
and Local Activities"

3:00 - 4:45 Ed Lorenz "Update on Contamination in Pine River at St. Louis"

5:00 - 6:30 Dinner

6:30 - 7:00 Free Time

7:00 - 7:30 Eco Awards Auction

8:00 - 9:30 Greg Coleridge "Corporate Fairy Tales and Democratic Myths:
the Commerce Clause to Santa Claus"

10:00 - 1:00 Campfire Music with Victor, Tim & Friends

Sunday May 13

7:00 - 8:30 Breakfast

8:30 - 9:45 Freetime or Round table discussion

10:00 - 10:30 Children's Presentation

10:30 - 11:15 Closing Speaker - Stephanie Mills "Life is a
the Techno-Craze, Respecting the Wild" Noon Closing Circle

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch 1:30 - ? Socialize, Clean up, Pack up, Departure


For More Information Contact:

8735 Maple Grove Road
Lake, MI 48632-9511

Eco Registrar:
Karen Freel Klein
(517) 426-5540
E-Mail: kfklein@voyager.net

Mystic Lake YMCA Camp
US-10, Lake, MI 48632
(517) 544-2844


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