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Folks,  Here is some interesting information on Lymphoma and pesticide use.  Note Michigan's rank amoung the top five lymphoma states.  Now, go out there and spray those lawns........

Dave Zaber
Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma?, a report May 9 by the Lymphoma Foundation of America (LFA), reveals the mounting evidence that pesticides are a cause of lymphoma.  The report is the first-ever comprehensive review of worldwide research studies on the subject of lymphoma and pesticides. Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma? has been thoroughly reviewed by a panel of nationally recognized scientists, doctors, and health professionals.

Though scientists and researchers have been researching the lymphoma-pesticides connection for over two decades, individual studies have received little attention. But now, with this report of collected evidence, the correlation between lymphoma and pesticides is hard to ignore.

The report also reveals five of the top ‘hot spots’ for lymphoma – states that are also high in pesticide use – Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Michigan, and Illinois.

Lymphoma is the second fastest rising cancer in the United States. While most other cancers in the U.S. are now decreasing, the rate of lymphoma has been dramatically increasing, leading LFA to call it an epidemic. Lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system, strikes both adults and children, with men at the highest risk. And, as one study in the report shows, when pesticides are used inside the home, lymphoma rates in children are higher.

Many lymphoma victims think pesticides are a probable factor in their disease. Gary Seem of New Jersey sprayed pesticides on golf courses throughout high school and college and was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1996. For twenty years, Alan Hingston of Oregon was consistently exposed to pesticides on the playground at the school where he worked – each exposure bringing on severe physical reactions. Currently battling Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hingston believes pesticide exposure is a major factor in his disease. American Plant Food Company, a garden center in the Washington, D.C. area, remarkably began removing pesticides from its shelves early last year, in part because one of the owners is battling lymphoma, for which she feels her exposure to pesticides played a critical role.

Please contact Ms. Robbie Kaplan at 202-518-8047 or robbie@publicinterestpr.com for more information including: a copy of Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma?, a Lymphoma Mortality Pattern Map, contact information for an LFA spokesperson, doctors who treat lymphoma, and/or victims of lymphoma who believe their disease was caused by pesticide exposure.

Lymphoma Foundation of America, an independent nonprofit charity, is a national organization devoted to helping lymphoma patients and their families. Founded in 1986 by lymphoma survivors, LFA organized the first lymphoma support group in the United States. Visit www.lymphomaresearch.org.