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E-M:/ MDNR vs. Deer Lake, Alger County

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Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 10:36:32 -0400
Subject: PUBLIC HEARING - Deer Lake Dredging
From: " Don Snitgen" <dsnitgen@tds.net>
To: Mary Snitgen <dsnitgen@tds.net>
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Deer Lake Dredging Permit Hearing

Tuesday, June 19, 200l
7 pm
Au Train-Onota School
Deerton, MI

The Michigan Department Of Environmental Quality has scheduled a public
hearing on a permit application by the Department of Natural Resources to
dredge a wetland at the east end of Deer Lake, on M-28, located 25 miles
east of Marquette and 20 miles west of Munising. The purpose of the dredging
is to
construct a concrete ramp for a boat launch.  The proposed dredging will
extend from the foot of a 10 foot high sand bank across a wetland, 160 feet
(up to 65 feet wide) to a very shallow, sandy lake bottom with emergent

A plant survey conducted by a professional plant taxonomist, employed by the
Deer Lake Association, revealed a rich diversity of wetland species.  Many
of the species identified at the proposed dredging site are listed as
"conservative" by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  A species
of quill wort was found on the east end of Deer Lake that has been
identified from no other part of the State of Michigan except for a couple
of locations in the western end of the Upper Peninsula.

Construction of the boat launch by the MDNR is opposed by the Citizens to
Save Deer Lake Coalition, the Deer Lake Association, the Central Upper
Peninsula chapter of the Sierra Club, the Upper Peninsula Environmemtal
Coalition, Northwood Wilderness Redovery, and many individual citizens.

Persons wishing to send comments to the MDEQ may still do so by mailing them

Joan Duncan, Department of Environmental Quality, 184 U. S. 41 East,
Negaunee, Michigan 49866

Please plan to attend the hearing and make public comment, even if you have
already sent a letter to Joan.  Consider making an oral presentation of 2-3
minutes that summarizes your concerns.  Prepare a more detailed written
comment that can be handed to the MDEQ representative at the hearing.
Include a statement that you would like to have your comments made a part of
the public record.

And, please, if you can't attend the hearing, send a letter to Joan Duncan.

I will be placing more information on the Citizens to Save Deer Lake
web site at:     http://members.nbci.com/SaveDeer/index.htm

Finally, the public is getting a hearing because enough persons wrote
letters to Joan Duncan requesting one.  The welfare of Deer Lake depends
upon citizens like you.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work.

Don Snitgen

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