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E-M:/ Fw: LCV NEWS RELEASE: Statement of LCV President Deb Callahan on Jeffords' Move from GOP

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> Statement of LCV President Deb Callahan on Jeffords' Move from GOP
> Callahan stresses importance of bipartisan dialogue for environmental
> protection
> WASHINGTON (May 24, 2001) - Following U.S. Senator James Jeffords' (I-Vt.)
> decision to leave the Republican Party and caucus with the Senate
> tipping control of the Senate chamber to Democratic Leader Tom Daschle
> (D-S.D.), League of Conservation Voters President Deb Callahan made the
> following statement.
> "Throughout U.S. Senator James Jeffords' career, he has served as a clear
> reminder that strong environmental leadership bears little relationship to
> party affiliation.  Jeffords' fights to keep the Arctic National Wildlife
> Refuge safe from the destruction of oil drilling, limit the emissions of
> harmful pollutants from power plants, and restore important funds to
> renewable energy programs, have had less to do with the party to which he
> belongs than the people he was elected to serve.  His 106th Congress score
> on the League of Conservation Voters' National Environmental Scorecard was
> the second highest among Republicans and among the highest in the entire
> Senate.  Jeffords has consistently maintained such high standards of
> environmental leadership throughout his twenty-six years in the House and
> Senate.  In 2000, LCV named Jeffords to its EarthList honor roll of
> pro-environment candidates.  The League of Conservation Voters and the
> voters of Vermont will continue to count on him to support and enhance
> and programs that keep our air clean, our water safe, and our open spaces
> protected.
> "With the pending change in Senate leadership, few issues will be impacted
> as greatly as the environment.  The LCV scores for the 106th Congress of
> incoming environmental committee chairmen heavily outweigh the scores of
> outgoing chairmen, sixty-eight percent to sixteen percent.  Underscoring
> this change, however, is one sure thing: President Bush's bipartisan
> rhetoric must now turn into bipartisan action.  Where previously there was
> only a congressional echo of the president's policies, there must now be
> meaningful dialogue.  Where once President Bush saw smooth sailing for his
> anti-environmental agenda, he now faces a strong headwind from the Senate
> Democratic Leadership, which he must navigate with regard for the many
> members of both parties who stand for strong environmental protection.
> Today the White House and Senator Daschle each have a new responsibility
> put extreme partisanship aside and work in concert with the environmental
> values of all Americans.  A good place to start would be the development
> a balanced national energy policy that makes environmental and economic
> sense, and ensures a clean, affordable, safe, and reliable energy supply
> that keeps costs down for consumers.
> "In the end, Senator Jeffords' decision reminds us that our principles -
> our parties - are what really make our country strong.  To paraphrase
> Jefferson, we are all Democrats, we are all Republicans.  Today our
> government once more reflects that balance, an auspicious occasion for
> our environment and our political system."
> The League of Conservation Voters is the political voice for the national
> environmental community. From Cabinet appointments to environmental policy
> decisions, LCV is committed to holding the administration accountable for
> its environmental actions.  Information on LCV's efforts pertaining to the
> administration's national energy proposal is available over the Internet
> www.lcv.org.
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