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E-M:/ Re: more crap from MDEQ

Enviro-Mich message from RobC313@aol.com

Hello Diane,

Thank you for keeping us abreast of this unfortunate decision by the MDEQ. In 
your message below you say that this was despite "(Y)our strong objection." 
For the record could you post to this and the EM listserve a copy of your 
letter of opposition showing your reasons and resolve toward making this 
process more than just another MDEQ rubber stamp approval of what will 
certainly be a major new source of additional toxins in the already polution 
and economically burdened SW Detroit-Delray Community.  

Also, As a community based group HEAT is concerned with the environmental 
health and Environmental Justice issues of the local community.  In an 
earlier meeting you had said that the Delray United Action Council was the 
group that had originally brought you aboard yet I have never met anybody 
claiming to be part of that group. Could you please arrange a meeting so that 
I could meet with them in time to get the local perspective on weather or not 
they are aware of the problems involved with this proposal. As a grass roots 
activist I feel that local participation is very important.

And finally, as the last meeting that I attended (May 24) was poorly attended 
and less than productive could you please provide and commit to an agenda for 
your proposed June 13th meeting and can you assure me that someone local from 
the  Delray United Action Council will be in attendance?  The only contact 
number I had for that group was the community organizer hired by Minergy and 
she does not return my calls.

Thank You
Rob Cedar
HEAT- Human Environmental Action Team
Hamtramck Environmental Action Team

In a message dated 6/8/01 10:43:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
lickfelt@egr.msu.edu writes:

<< Hello again,
 we have heard from MDEQ on one matter, the information session.  Despite 
 our strong objection, MDEQ has decided to hold their information session on 
 the same day as the hearing.  We will try again to encourage them to do it 
 on another date before the June 28 hearing, but, we suggest you plan for it 
 to be on the 28th.  You should begin to tell people about the information 
 session so they can make plans to attend.
 We have not heard about the format MDEQ will use for the information 
 session, nor the length of that meeting, but they will begin the 
 information session at 4:30PM at the offices of Delray United Action 
 Council.  The hearing is scheduled to begin at 7PM, and I'm sure they need 
 a dinner break between the two meetings so I don't expect the information 
 session to go beyond 6:30PM.
 With respect to the request for an extension to the comment period, there 
 is still no decision on that and we are told we probably won't hear about 
 it until next week.
 We will keep you posted on any new information that comes our way.
 Have a great weekend and we will see you next week.
 Diane M. Lickfelt, Project Engineer
 Technical Outreach Services for Communities (TOSC) >>

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