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E-M:/ Media Advisory - Hamtramck Incinerator Failure threatens workers & neighbors

Enviro-Mich message from RobC313@aol.com

 For immediate release.

Press Release 

For more information Contact: Rob Cedar  of HEAT 313-365-4722

You can try to contact Norm Aardema, the owner at 313- 925-6600
What: Hamtramck Medical Waste Incinerator equipment failure threatens worker 
safety and neighborhood health.

Where: Hamtramck Medical Waste Incinerator in SE Hamtramck.

 Last Wednesday night another equipment failure at the Hamtramck medical 
waste incinerator sent clouds of untreated toxic fumes through the plant 
causing employees to seek refuge in the parking lot.  

"As I approached the area the workers were outside the building and dark 
brown smoke was rising from the roof vent and rolling out the door" Said Rob 
Cedar of  HEAT-the Hamtramck Environmental Action Team.   Cedar has been a 
long time foe of the facility and when a resident across the street from the 
facility called he didn't waste any time getting to the scene.  " The 
filtration system had caught fire several times in the past and that's what I 
expected to see but this was different.  The incinerator was still burning 
waste but the flow of gasses was blocked causing the building to fill with 

The Hamtramck facility is the only commercial medical waste incinerator in 
Michigan and after 10 years of operation under five different owners has yet 
to meet its permit requirements.  Most recently the facility has been out of 
compliance with a special state consent order that required twice a year 
testing for mercury emissions.  The same agreement required the owners to 
follow a strict maintenance program to prevent these types of equipment 

Cedar added  "These equipment related emissions are very bad because an 
entire year's quota of toxins can be released in just a few hours"  "This is 
just more proof that this incinerator will never operate safely and should be 
shut down to protect the health of our community."

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