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E-M:/ Cheney Greeted By Enviros During Visit to Howell

Enviro-Mich message from "Daniel Farough" <daniel.farough@sierraclub.org>


Sierra Club, PIRGIM (who brought a rather amazing inflatable power plant),
the AFL-CIO, Clean Water Action Michigan Environmental Council and about 40
concerned citizens protested the Cheney visit to Howell, MI yesterday.
Cheney was in Howell for a $1,000 per plate fundraiser for Mike Rogers and
to plug for the Bush energy plan.  Our emphasis was on the Bush energy plan.
Below is a release.  For more information on whats wrong with the Bush
energy plan and to find out what a balanced energy plan looks like please go
to www.sierraclub.org.

There were multiple news reports including the Detroit Free Press, Michigan
Public Radio, Lansing State Journal, Associated Press, Ann Arbor News,
Livingston County Press Argus and a variety of TV.

As you may know approval of the Bush Energy plan is sinking in large messure
due to determined .  According to the a survey by ABC / Washington Post the
Bush gets a mere 36% approval and 52% disapproval for the way he is handling
the energy situation.  Similarily, on environmental issues Bush recieves a
41% approval and a 50% disapproval.  These numbers are way down from
previous polls and indicate that the environmental community is definitely
doing its job by staying focused on the issues and delivering its message.
Thank you PIRGIM, CWA, AFL-CIO, MEC and mostly the people who gave up their
evening to join us.


Michigan Sierra Club
News Release

109 East Grand River, Lansing, MI 48906 – Ph: 517/484-2372 – Fax

For Immediate Release:			Contact: Dan Farough, (517) 484-2372
June 18, 2001


HOWELL – Concerned Citizens and Environmental groups gathered at Lake Pointe
Manor in Howell today to protest and deliver Vice President Dick Cheney a
clear message – The Bush Energy Plan makes the wrong choices for America and
will reward the Energy Industry at the expense of the public good.  “The
Bush/Cheney plan calls for a massive expansion in oil drilling in fragile
areas, more dirty coal and nuclear, while slashing funding for efficiency
and renewables,” said Dan Farough of the Sierra Club.  “The Vice President
needs to face the fact that oil and coal’s days are numbered and global
warming is a reality.  We need 21st century solutions to our energy
problems, not 19th century ones.”

The protesters said the Bush plan plays lip service to efficiency and
renewable energy like wind and solar but then dramatically cuts funding for
these same programs (efficiency programs by nearly 30% and renewables by
36%).  At the same time the plan provides a $2 billion subsidy/reward for
coal and opens public lands for oil drilling.  “I guess we shouldn’t be
surprised at such an unbalanced plan as Big Coal and Oil pumped millions of
dollars into their campaign,” said protester Kendra Kimbirauskas.  “It just
really makes one mad that special interest had such a big hand in crafting
their energy plan.”  The Center for Responsive Politics puts the exact
figure at $1,846,331 from Oil and Gas interests and $2,857,848 from Energy
Interests.  To dramatize the campaign finance connection, protesters marched
behind a giant banner depicting Bush and Cheney on a $10,000 bill and
distributed hundreds of smaller leaflet version fact sheets.

The group also noted that the Bush energy plan would be particularly hard on
Michigan.  Approximately 80% of Michigan’s energy comes from coal, which
releases mercury, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide
pollution into the air.  The Bush Plan calls for 1,300 more coal power
plants over 20 years.  Michigan also faces a major push to slant drill the
fragile Great Lakes shoreline for oil.  “More coal means more mercury
pollution and fish advisories while drilling our majestic Great Lakes is
just wrongheaded,” said protester Christine Battiste.  “People need to make
Cheney listen and start advocating for balanced plan that puts our interests
before the oil companies.”
More information is available from: Sierra Club, Lansing, (517) 484-2372;
MEC, Lansing, (517) 487-9539; PIRGIM, Ann Arbor, (734) 662-6597; LCV, Ann
Arbor, (734) 327-7154; Clean Water Action (517) 203-0754.

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