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Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

Okay, i just talked to folks on the hill and it looks like these amendments 
may NOT come up in these appropriations--this is the nature of this game.

The FEE DEMO may be the only one which comes up--so feel free to make calls 
regarding this.  Urge your Rep to OPPOSE any expansion of the FEE Demo 
Program in National Forests.  I do know Congressman Kildee does NOT support 
expansion of the FEE DEMO PROGRAM on Federal Lands.

It doesnt hurt to call our reps and let em know how we feel, so if you 
already called on other amendments, i would not consider it a wasted call.

Murray Dailey

Please take a few  moments to call and EMAIL your MICHIGAN US Representative  
(202-224-3121) and urge the following:  

Dear Congressperson _______,

As you know, the House of Representatives is going to begin voting on 
amendments to the Interior Appropriations bill next week.  I am hopeful that 
a number of amendments will be offered to protect roadless areas, focus 
hazardous fuel treatments to the urban wildlands interface, cut harmful 
logging subsidies and end the fee demonstration program on Forest Service and 
BLM lands.  

There is still a great deal of behind the scenes maneuvering going on right 
now that will determine how many amendments are offered, who will offer them 
and what their specific details are.  Please support these following 
amendments, and urge your leadership (Gephart and Bonior) to push these 

Please  support amendments to:

1.  Eliminate funding for any activities inconsistent with the Roadless Area
Conservation rule.  This would continue a moratorium on
roadbuilding and commercial logging in inventoried roadless areas.

2.  Redirect funds for hazardous fuels treatments to the urban wildlands
interface to protect homes and communities.  Hazardous fuels funds, which
are now being misspent by the Forest Service to log backcountry areas,
should be directed to the State Fire Assistance and Community and Private
Land Assistance line-items to provide homeowners and communities the
assistance they need to remove brush and create a defensible space around

3. Cut subsidies for logging on the National Forests.  Logging and
building logging roads degrades water quality, causes loss of
biodiversity, fragmentation, soil erosion and diminished recreational
opportunities.   The Forest Service timber program lost $407 million in 1998
according to a Taxpayers for Common Sense analysis.  One hundred and five
out of 111 National Forests failed to return as much money as they spent
managing the timber program.  On average $779 was wasted on every acre
logged, but the tab is still running.  Taxpayers will also have spend
additional funds in the future restoring degraded landscapes and maintaining
logging roads.

4.  Eliminate the fee demonstration program on National Forest and BLM
lands.  The Interior bill includes an anti-environmental rider that
would extend the fee demo program another four years and lift the cap on the
number of locations fees can be charged.  This extension is for so long it
would essentially make the program permanent.  Access fees
discriminate against low-income citizens according to Forest Service
research.  Fees also create a financial incentive for the agency and
could lead to excessive recreation and tourism development on public

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