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E-M:/ President loses political ground on drilling plan

Enviro-Mich message from "Jack, Rita" <ritaj@umflint.edu>

Maybe this will help convince drill-happy Michigan legislators that conservation is the key - not drilling under the Great Lakes for a meager 3 - 5 day supply, putting at risk the drinking water supply of 35 million people.  Thank-you House Republicans (and Democrats!) for remembering what conservation used to mean! 

President loses political ground on drilling plan
House Republicans vote to protect sensitive areas; new focus on conservation
June 22 —  
President Bush’s goal to tap more domestic energy resources was looking less 
likely Friday, after House Republicans unexpectedly voted with Democrats to block any
drilling in national monuments and an area off Florida. The most significant setback so far for
the president’s energy policy, the votes came as polls indicate concern about the drilling strategy and as Republicans begin to focus on what Democrats have accused Bush of underplaying: conservation.



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