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E-M:/ Minergy permit informational mtg and public hearing

Enviro-Mich message from Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision <swdev@flash.net>

Attend MDEQ's Informational Session on the draft permit for the new
Minergy Facility to be located at 7819 W. Jefferson in Detroit. This is
the company with the 15-year contract with the City of Detroit to
manufacture glass pellets out of Detroit sewage sludge. 

In reviewing the draft permit, these are some things we have learned:

1) 150 lbs. of mercury can be emitted per year under this permit. This
would make this facility one of the major sources of mercury in the
2) Nearly as much coal will be burned as sewage sludge in order to make
their product. (This is not high technology!)
3) The sludge, approximately 662.4 tons, will be trucked 1.3 miles from
DWSD to Minergy, daily. How many truckloads is that? When they arrive at
Minergy they will be unloaded inside a building. When they are loaded at
DWSD will that also be inside a building? Could Minergy build a pipeline
for the sludge?
4) There is no guarantee if and when the old incinerators will be shut
5) Minergy has the option of bringing in additional sludge if DWSD does
not supply enough.
6) It has been estimated that the proposed dioxin emissions and impacts
will be 67% lower than what currently exists from DWSD incinerators. Is
an out-of-date facility a good starting point for comparison?

Informational Session: 
Thursday, June 28, 4:30pm
      Public Hearing at 7pm
Location: Delray United Action Council 
7914 West Jefferson 

Questions? Call SDEV at 313-842-1961
-Billie Hickey

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