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E-M:/ PEAS Database now on line

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

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From: Fred Moye <moyef@STATE.MI.US>
Subject:      Pollution Emergency Alert System Database
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The Pollution Emergency Alert System Database is now available on the ERD 
Web site at http://www.deq.state.mi.us/erd/peas/peasdb.html.

To query the database simply select a district or county that you would 
like to view information for and click on the 'Submit Query' 
button.  Optionally you can narrow down your search by selecting a date 
range.  If you do not select a date range all information (over four years 
worth) will be displayed.  Depending on the amount of data, and your 
internet connection speed, it may take a few moments to display.  If you 
would like to download any of the information simply select the row(s) that 
you are interested in and click 'Copy'.  The information will
be saved in a comma delimited text file format.

Alert: You must have Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher or Netscape Navigator 
4.0 and higher to view this data.  You must also have the Java Plug-In 
installed.  If you do not have the Java Plug-In you will be prompted to 
install it after you click on the 'Submit' button or you can download it 
from the Sun Website at 

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